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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
J a c o b , N a om i .
Gollantz and Partners. London, Hutchinson, 1958. 280 p.
The story of the Gollantz family, who were noted Jewish antique
Jacobs.. L ou is .
A guide to Yom Kippur. London, Jewish Chronicle Publica-
tions, 1957. 96 p.
Explains the religious concepts of Yom Kippur, together with com-
ments on the prayers and the structure of the services.
T h e J e w i s h C h r o n i c l e . T h e J ew ish T r a v e l G u id e
C om p i led b y G r e en
F lag . L o n d o n , J ew ish C h r o n ic le P u b l ic a t io n s ,
1958. 287
p .
T h e J e w i s h Y e a r B o o k
1958 (5718-5719) , ed.
Hugh Harris. London,
Jewish Chronicle Publications, 1958. 366 p.
A comprehensive guide to Anglo-Jewish communal life and institu-
tions, with additional sections on foreign Jewries and Israel, and a
“Who’s Who.”
ak o b
A theology of election: Israel and the Church. London, S.P.C.K.,
1958. 227 p.
A study of God’s dealing with man viewed historically, and in the
light of spiritual and theological realities.
J o h n s o n , P a u l .
Journey into chaos. London, MacGibbon and Kee, 1958.
178 P• The author toured the Middle East in search of facts, and in his work
shows why agreement between Israel and the Arabs is needed in the
interests of the Western powers.
K e n y o n , S ir F r e d e r ic G e o r g e .
O u r B ib le an d th e a n c ie n t m an u sc r ip t s .
F i f th e d i t i o n , rev ised a n d en la r g ed b y A . W . A dam s ; in t r o d u c t io n by
G .
D r iv er . L o n d o n , E yre a n d S p o t t isw o o d e ,
1958. 352
p .
This work, first published 60 years ago, is now brought up to date
with material on the Dead Sea Scrolls, showing their influence on the
Hebrew scriptures. The American Revised Standard Version is now
also included.
K o c h a n , L i o n e l .
Pogrom, 10 November 1938. London, Andre Deutsch,
1957. 150 p.
The history of the November 1938 pogrom, its origin and how it
served as a spark to the program of persecution and ultimate extermina-
tion of German Jewry.
K r a v i ,
A., ed. The history of the Israel armed forces. Tel-Aviv, 1957.
An illustrated album with text in Hebrew, English and French.
L a g e r k v i s t , P a r [F a b r ia n ] .
The Sybil. Translated from
by Naomi
Walford. London, Chatto and Windus, 1958. 153 p.
The story of a religious encounter between a priestess of the Delphic
Oracle and the Wandering Jew.
. J
ounc il
. Jew s in th e B r i t i sh Isles: e x h ib i t i o n
[ h e ld a t ] L eed s C ity A r t G a lle ry
N o v em b e r -9 D e c em b e r . L eed s , C ity
A r t G a lle ry , 1956.
p . (T y p ew r ite r scr ip t)
L e M a t , L o u is A l e x i s F r e d e r ic .
Textual criticism and exegesis of Psalm
xxxvi: a contribution to the study of the Hebrew Book of Psalms.
Utrecht, Kemink, 1957. 112 p.
(Diss. Utrecht)
L e o B a e c k I n s t i t u t e o f J ew s f r o m G e rm a n y ,
London. Year Book II [ed.
by Robert Weltsch]. London, East and West Library, 1957. 375 p.
The first section is dedicated to, and deals with the life of, Dr. Leo
Baeck, and the second is a collection of essays on sociological, philo-
sophical and religious aspects of German Jewish life during the last
100 years.
L e v n e r , I s r a e l B en jam in .
The legends of Israel: from the birth to the
death of Moses. Translated from the Hebrew by Joel Snowman. London,
James Clarke and Co., 1956 [i.e. 1957]. 146 p.
Legends about Moses portraying him as leader, lawgiver and teacher.
L e v y , H ym a n .
Jews and the national question. London, Hillway Publishing
Co., 1958. 93 p.
A controversial analysis of the position of the Jews in the Soviet Union
and Israel by a scientist and Marxist philosopher.