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e h m a n n
— J
ew i sh
ngl i sh
L e v y , I sa a c .
A guide to Passover. London, Jewish Chronicle Publications,
1958. I l l p.
A history of the festival and descriptions of its ritual and services.
M a n k o w i t z , W o l f .
A kid for two farthings. Illustrated
James Boswell.
London, Heinemann, 1958. 120 p.
(New W indm ill series, ed. by Anne
and Ian Serraillier)
M a sad a :
survey and excavations 1955-56 by the Hebrew University, Israel
Exploration Society and Department of Antiquities. Jerusalem, 1957.
M emm i, A l b e r t .
Strangers. Translated from the French [
] by Brian
Rhys. London, Elek Books, 1958. 166 p.
The story of a Tunisian Jew who brings his Catholic bride home to
North Africa, but almost immediately is so drawn back to his ancestral
faith that it leads to the break-up of the marriage.
M e t z g e r , B r u c e M a n n in g .
An introduction to the Apocrypha: based on the
Revised Standard Version. New York, London, Oxford University Press,
1957. 274 p.
The contents, status and influence of the Apocrypha is described,
followed by an analysis of its literature, its relationship to the New
Testament and its place in the Church.
M id d l e E a s t ,
the: a survey and directory of Arabia, Cyprus, Egypt, Iran,
Iraq, Israel, Jordan, the Lebanon, Lybia, the Sudan, Syria and Turkey,
with geographical, historical, economic and educational surveys, concise
information about political, industrial, financial and cultural organisa-
tions, and Who’s Who in the Middle East. London, Europa Publications,
1958. 477 p.
M i t c h e l l , Y v o n n e .
Actress. London, Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1957. I l l p.
The authoress, who comes from a well-known Anglo-Jewish family and
has earned fame as an actress, writes in the form of a reply to a girl
wishing to become an actress, giving her ideas and experiences of the
M o g g r id g e , J a c k ie ,
( i.e . D o l o r e s T h e r e s a M o g g r id g e )
. Woman pilot.
M ich a e l J o s ep h ,
1957. 237 p.
The story of a woman pilot who helped Israel in her capacity as a
pilot officer in the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve by her work in
ferrying aircraft.
M a r j o r i e H i ld a .
Liberal Judaism: an introduction for young people.
London, Liberal Jewish Synagogue, 1957. 32 p.
M o s c a t i , S a b a t in o .
Ancient Semitic civilisations. Translated from the
Italian. London, Elek Books, 1957. 255 p.
Surveys the origins, languages, history, religions, literatures and arts of
seven ancient Semitic peoples; the chapter on the Hebrews ends at the
period of their loss of political independence.
M o sd en S tam p Co .
Catalogue of postage stamps of the State of Israel.
London, Mosden Stamp Co., 1958. 170 p.
N ew m a n , A r y e h ,
ed. Acknowledge the miracle: Yom ha-atzma’ut, Israel’s
Independence Day in the perspectives of Judaism. Jerusalem, Jewish
Agency, Torah Department, 1957. 58 p.
Includes prayers to be recited on Independence Day.
N u t t i n g , [H a r o l d ] A n t h o n y .
I saw for myself: the aftermath of Suez.
London, Hollis and Carter, 1958. 103 p.
The author, who resigned from the Foreign Office over the Govern-
ment’s Suez policy, here shows the depth of hatred and bitterness be-
tween Arab and Jew.
O ’K e a r n e y , J o h n .
Red mirage. London, MacGibbon and Kee, 1958. 227 p.
A book on the Middle East.
P a y n e , [ P i e r r e S t e p h e n ] R o b e r t .
The Shepherd. London, Heinemann,
1957. 394 p.
A religious novel telling of the growth of a young Jewish prophet
at a time when the Jews were daily awaiting the arrival of their Messiah.