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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
P o l a c k , A l b e r t I s a a c
S im p son , W i l l i a m W y n n .
Jesus in the background
of history. London, Cohen and West, 1957. 160 p.
A Jewish view of Jesus and the relationship between Judaism and
Christianity; with historical sections on the period before Jesus.
P r e s c o t t , H i l d a F r a n c e s M a r g a r e t .
Once to Sinai: the further pilgrimage
of Friar Felix Fabri. London, Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1957. 310 p.
The story of a pilgrimage undertaken in 1483.
P u b l i c R e c o r d O f f i c e , L o n d o n . T h e J ew s in E n g la n d . E x h ib i t io n o f reco rd s ,
c om p i l e d b y
D. H.
G if fo rd . L o n d o n , P u b l i c R e co rd s Office,
1957. 32 p.
Exhibits in the possession of the Public Records Office relating to the
history of the Jews in England since the 12th century.
R a b in , C h a im .
Qumran Studies. London, Oxford University Press, 1957.
135 p.
(Scripta Judaica II, ed. by A. Altmann)
Suggests a theory whereby the authorship of the Dead Sea Scrolls is
attributed to the Pharisees, and tries to show the relationship between
them and the sect of the Judean desert.
R a y n e r , J o h n
D. The practices of Liberal Judaism. London, Union of
Liberal and Progressive Synagogues, 1958. 90 p.
A booklet containing a series of articles, first published in the Liberal
Jewish Monthly, revised and expanded.
R o b a c k , A b r a h am A a r o n .
Contemporary Yiddish literature: a brief outline.
London, published for the World Jewish Congress by Lincolns-Prager
Ltd., 1957. l i p . (
Popular Jewish L ibrary series)
A survey of Yiddish literature, its character, scope and literary merits.
R o s e n f e l d , A b r a h am ,
ed. and tr. The Authorised Selichot for the whole
year. 2nd ed. London, 1957. 830 p.
The Selichot in Hebrew and English, with introduction, notes and a
special prayer to be recited on the Fast of Tevet in memory of the
6,000,000 martyrs who perished during the Nazi regime.
R o s e n h e im , J a c o b .
The tent of Jacob: selected essays. London, Jewish Post
Publications, 1957.
The volume, by a distinguished disciple of S. R. Hirsch, contains his
address at the 1912 Kattowitz Conference and six essays on the Jewish
K e n n e t h N e ed h am .
The Dead Sea scrolls. London, Mowbray, 1958.
24 p. (
Enquirer’s library, no. 16)
R o t h , C e c i l .
The Aberdeen Codex
o f
the Hebrew Bible. Edinburgh,
London, published for the University of Aberdeen by Oliver and Boyd,
1958. 39 p., 25 plates.
(Aberdeen University. Studies, no. 138)
Contains reproductions of the illuminated pages of the manuscript.
R o w l e y , H a r o l d H e n r y .
Jewish Apocalyptic and the Dead Sea Scrolls.
London, Athlone Press, 1957. 36 p.
(The E thel M. Wood Lecture
delivered before the University of London, on 12 March 1957)
Discusses the evidence for the dating of the Scrolls from the Scrolls
themselves, as well as from the Zadokite fragments and Pseudepigraphical
-------. The Dead Sea Scrolls and the New Testament. London, S.P.C.K.,
1957. 32 p.
u b e n s t e in
A. L. A companion to the Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur
Machzor. Glasgow, 1957. 122 p.
Historical and homiletical explanations of the services and principal
prayers, designed as a companion to the Machzor.
S am u e l , E dw in [ H e r b e r t ] .
British traditions in the administration of Israel.
London, published for the Anglo-Jewish Association by Vallentine,
Mitchell, 1957. 52 p..
Shows the strong link in tradition and common interest of the two
countries and the British contribution to the Israeli legal and political
systems, as well as the development of the administrative machinery of
the new State.