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L e h m a n n — J e w i s h B o o k s i n E n g l i s h
S c hw a b , H e rm a n n .
Jewish rural communities in Germany. London, Cooper
Book Co., 1957. 93 p.
Describes the rural communities of pre-war Germany and includes
many personal recollections and anecdotes in a series of historical
S e e l e y , [H e r b e r t ] J o h n R o n a l d
Sim , R .
A. and
L o o s l e y ,
E. W. Crest-
wood Heights. London, Constable, 1956 (i.e. 1957). 505 p.
The story of a Canadian suburb with a large Jewish population, and
the prevalent social problems. It forms a study in human relations.
S h am ir , M o sh e .
The king of flesh and blood. Translated from the Hebrew
by David Patterson. London, East and West Library, 1958. 542 p.
An Israel novel, set in the Hasmonean period, dealing with the king
Alexander Yannai, a tyrannical and powerful priest-king.
S in g e r , K u r t .
The Danny Kaye saga. London, Robert Hale, 1957. 206 p.
The story of the Jewish comedian and his progress in the world of
S o u t h A f r i c a n J e w i sh Y e a r B o o k
1957/1958, ed. by Leon Feldberg. Johannes-
burg, 1958.
Articles on the community during the past year, in addition to articles
on religious progress, Jews in public life, education in South Africa and
lists of Jewish institutions and their officers.
S t a l l a r d , C o n s t a n c e L o u isa . Q u e s to r s in P a le s t in e : a trave l story d u r in g
th e M an d a te . L o n d o n , C o op e r B o ok Co .,
1957. 313
p .
S t e v e n s , G e o r g e H e n r y .
The changing pattern: a short account of Church
Missions to Jews work in 1956 compiled from the eyewitness stories of
missionaries. London, Church Mission to Jews, 1957. 78 p.
S u n ie r , A rm and .
Mental illness and psychiatric care in Israel. Amsterdam,
1957. 92 p. (
S z e k e l y , Edm ond B o rd e a u x .
The teachings of the Essenes from Enoch to
the Dead Sea Scrolls. Ashingdon (Essex), Daniel Co., 1957. 93 p.
T a r t a k o w e r , A r ie h .
In search of home and freedom. London, published for
the World Jewish Congress by Lincolns-Prager Ltd., 1958. 99 p.
Jewish Library series)
A study of the various movements of the Wandering Jew, giving
survey of the factors affecting Jewish migration through the ages.
T u r -S in a i , N .
H. The Book of Job: a new commentary. Jerusalem, Kiryath
Sepher, 1957. 588 p.
U n io n o f L ib e r a l and P r o g r e s s iv e S y n a g o g u e s . Prayers , P sa lm s an d H ym n s
fo r th e u se o f J ew ish c h i ld r e n . L o n d o n , U n io n o f L ib e ra l an d P rogres-
s iv e S yn agogu e s ,
( i.e .
1957). 131
p .
Prepared for the use of children's services held under the auspices of
the Union sponsoring this publication.
-------. Liberal Jewish Prayer Book: Vol. 1: Services for weekdays, Sabbaths,
etc. London, Union of Liberal and Progressive Synagogues, 1957. 476 p.
A revised edition of a prayer book first published in 1937.
U n s d o r f e r ,
J. The Jewish bride’s handbook: a guide to the basic principles
of our faith of special interest to the Jewish bride. Manchester [1957].
44 p.
Chapters on Jewish marriage, the Jewish wife and her home, and
the Sabbath and festivals.
V a l e n t i n e r , W i l h e lm R e in h o ld .
Rembrandt and Spinoza: a study of the
spiritual conflicts in seventeenth century Holland. London, Phaidon
Press, 1957. 87 p.
An illustrated volume describing the spiritual conflicts in seventeenth
century Holland and showing how these affected the two geniuses who
represented the two opposing forces in Dutch culture. It forms a com-
parative study of Rembrandt and Spinoza.
V e en , A d r ia a n V a n D e r .
The intruder. Translated from the Dutch by James
S. Holmes and Hans van Marie. London, Abelard-Schuman, 1958. 166 p.