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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
A study of anti-semitism based on the story of a young Dutch journalist
who is in love with a Jewish girl in the refugee world of war-time New
V i l n a y , Z
Israel guide: 2nd revised edition. Jerusalem, Ahiever,
560 p .
An authoritative guide book to Israel.
W a t t , D o n a l d C am e r o n .
Documents on the Suez crisis, 26 July to 6 Novem-
ber 1956, selected and introduced by D.
Watt. London, Royal
Institute of International Affairs, 1957. 88 p.
W e i l , S im on e .
The notebooks. London, Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1957.
2 volumes.
The views of a Jewish convert to Catholicism on various subjects, such
as folklore, philosophy, scientific analysis, etc.
W e issb e rg , A l e x a n d e r C y b u l sk . A d v o ca te fo r th e d ead : th e s tory o f J o e l
B ran d . T r a n s la t ed from th e G e rm an by C o n s ta n t in e F i t z g ib b o n a n d
A n d r ew F o s te r -M e l l iea r . L o n d o n , A n d r e D e u ts ch ,
1958. 255
Tells of the tragedy of Hungarian Jewry and of the efforts made by
Labor Zionist leaders to save them in 1944 from wholesale extermination.
W ie n e r L ib r a r y ,
the. German Jewry: its history, life and culture [ed. by
Ilse Rosa WolfT]. London, published for the Wiener Library by Vallen-
tine, Mitchell, 1958. 279 p.
(The Wiener L ibrary Catalogue series, no. 3)
A bibliography containing 3,500 entries with sections on history, Jewish
life and thought, assimilation, Zionism, anti-Semitism and the Jewish
contributions to German cultural, economic and political life.
W in t , G u y
C a lv o c o r f .s s i , P e t e r .
Middle East crisis. Harmondsworth,
Penguin Books, 1957. 141 p.
Deals objectively with the causes which led to the 1956 crisis and gives
proposals for future Western policy.
W in t o n T h om a s ,
D., ed. Documents from Old Testament times. London,
Nelson, 1958.
Translations and comments on Egyptian, Syriac, Hebrew and Aramaic
sources contemporary with various books of the Old Testament. Includes
the Moabite Stone, Siloam Inscription and Lachish Letters.
W o r l d U n io n f o r P r o g r e s s iv e Juda ism . R e l ig io u s e x p e r i e n c e in Juda ism :
r ep o r t o f th e ten th in t e r n a t io n a l c o n fe r en c e h e ld in Am s te rd am
L o n d o n , W o r ld U n io n fo r P rog r e ss iv e J u d a ism ,
Includes verbatim reports of lectures by E. Mihaly, H. Bergman and
L. Roth on aspects of modern Progressive Judaism, and addresses by L.
Montague, L. Edgar, G. Salzberger and M. Eisendrath.
W u r t h w e in , E r n s t .
The text of the Old Testament: an introduction to
Kittel-Kahle’s Biblia Hebraica. Translated from the German by Peter
R. Ackroyd. Oxford, Blackwell, 1957. 173 p.
An illustrated volume describing the various texts and translations
of the Bible and giving an evaluation of the earlier editions, such as the
Samaritan and the Septuagint.
Yad W a sh em .
Studies on the European Jewish catastrophe and resistance.
Vol. 1 ed. by Benzion Dinur and Shaul Esh. Translated from the
Hebrew by I. Halevy-Levin. Jerusalem, 1957.
Z im m e r l i ,
W. and
J e rem ia s ,
J. The servant of God. London, S.C.M. Press,
1957. 120 p.
(Studies in B iblical Theology, no. 20)
The translation of an article from Vittel’s
Theologisches Worterbuch
zum Neunen Testament,
Z io n i s t Y e a r B o o k
5718 (1957/58), ed.
b y
Joseph Litvin. London, Zionist
Federation, 1957. 523 p.
Contains a Jewish calendar, directory of British and world Zionist
organisations, statistics and a “Who’s Who.”