Page 225 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 16

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oo dm an
— J
ew ish
ou n c il
He knew he had failed. He was not ready to give up. He looked
about the world for a fountain of resuscitation, spiritual revival,
creative re-energizing. One place on earth loomed up—the Holy
Land. There he journeyed—there he found, he believed, the
inspiration to write again. He produced the long narrative
C l a r e l
. . .
“If Melville, the non-Jew, turned to Israel a century ago, with
Israel neglected, Israel moribund, Israel bristling with thorns
and thistles, and found at least a few drops of reviving literary
inspiration, how much the more does it behoove you, the gifted
American-Jewish writer, to turn to Israel the modern miracle,
Israel alive, Israel the booming and the blooming, Israel the
touchstone of faith and hope, Israel the living fountain of
creative inspiration today?
“Only the faintest waves of impact radiate from the miracle
of the State of Israel on American Jewish literature after a
decade. It is much too early. The event still remains journal-
istically cocooned. Soon it will burst forth—our eyes shall see
the exquisite wings of the gorgeous butterfly ‘shaloming’ the
brilliant sun.”