Page 101 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 17 (1958-1959)

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h e
list of non-fiction books published in the United States
during the year ending May, 1959, includes books on the
State of Israel and on the Middle East as it relates to Israel. T h e
recorded published product of Jewish scholarship and creative
writing other than fiction reflects the wide scope of Jewish ex ­
perience and Jewish study as well as Jewish expression on this
T h e reader concerned with Jewish history will be especially
interested in the volumes celebrating the anniversaries of two emi­
nent Jewish historians: Prof. Salo W. Baron and Prof. Ja cob R .
Marcus. T h e two separately issued volumes honoring these histo­
rians contain monographs by scholars who have been trained by
them and have attained important places in the academic field.
Bo th Dr. Baron and Dr. Marcus have also made significant
additions to their already published works during this year. Many
volumes of autobiographies in this list by Jews dedicated to
Jewish and humanitarian causes will enhance the historical record
for the chronicler of this tumultuous period. O f more general
interest are some of the biographies of Jewish leaders and per­
sonalities famous for a variety of achievements, which will also
shed light on our times.
I t is noteworthy to record the publication of several volumes
of Jewish poetry by Jewish women, of the fine literary translation
of the Midrash on Psalms by Dr. W illiam Braude and the poetic
description of the Negev by Dr. Nelson Glueck.
T h e volumes of sermons, the anthologies of prayers and the
guides for home observance of Jewish ceremonies and festivals
issued by leaders in the American Rabb inate , are indicative of
the heightened interest in Jewish inspirational literature in
English. T h e crucial importance of family relationships in our
society has prompted rabbis experienced in counselling to pub­
lish their Jewish interpretation of problems involving ethics in
marriage, siblings and parent-child responsibility.
T h e world of Jewish learning was enriched by significant
scholarly contributions included in the new volumes of the
Hebrew Union College Annual
and the
of the
American Academy for Jewish Research.