Page 115 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 17 (1958-1959)

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M . N . K
— A
m er ican
ew ish
10 '
Yankel’s efforts to become more French and, as he grows older, his
yearning to return to his Jewish roots.
a u fm a n
, S
u e
The happy summer days. New York, Scribner, 1959. 313
p .
Kathy Albert and her school girl friend, Olivia Persis, spend their
summer vacation on an island as “mother’s helpers” and get involved
in tragic-comic happenings.
ie f e r a n t
, S
ylv ia
& H
e n r y
The Gentile: a novel. Philadelphia, Muhlen­
berg, 1958. 279 p.
Linda Macneill, designer for the Epstein’s, Gold Star Patterns, New
York, is surprised to find herself an outsider because she is Gentile.
ip s k y
, E
lea za r
Th e scientists.
New York, Appleton-Century-Crofts,
1959. 375 p.
A patent lawsuit between two scientists, David Luzzatto who dis­
covered an important substance called biocin, and a former colleague,
Victor Ullman, who accused David of having stolen the idea.
, D
The neighborhood. New York, Doubleday, 1959. 332 p.
A series of vignettes on Arnold Aronson’s coming of age in Brooklyn
in the middle 1930’s. One gets a glimpse of the life of poor Jews in
Brooklyn a quarter century ago.
, P
e t e r
. N
time for tears. New York, Kamin, 1958. 284
The trials and tribulations of Esther Waldman who was born in
Vilna and migrated to Brooklyn, N. Y.
O’N ea l,
o th burn
Hagar. New York, Crown, 1958. 245
p .
Based on the biblical story of Hagar, from her childhood as an Egyp­
tian princess and her position as handmaiden to Sarah, to the time she
bore Ishmael to Abraham.
a u l
, L
ou is
Dara, the Cypriot. New York, Simon & Schuster, 1959. 434 p.
A historical novel about Dara ben Kition, a Cypriot charm maker, who
seeks to live a peaceful life but is caught up in the violent struggle be­
tween the supporters of the Prophet Elijah and the arrogant Queen
iba low
, H
U., ed. Treasury of American Jewish stories. New York,
Yoseloff, 1958. 724 p.
Fifty contemporary short stories by American Jewish authors delin­
eating a diversified cross-section of Jewish life and experiences in the
United States.
, P
h il ip
Goodbye, Columbus, and five short stories. Boston, Houghton,
1959. 298 p.
A collection of stories that explore middle-class Jewish residents of
urban and suburban areas. The title story chronicles the summer romance
of two college students, Brenda Patimkin and Neil Klugman. All the
stories dramatize the dilemma of modern American Jews.
h am ir
, M
o sh e
The king of flesh and blood. Trans, from the Hebrew by
David Patterson. New York, Vanguard, 1958. 547 p.
This is an epic of passion and violence of a dynamic young prince,
Alexander Yannai, whose lust for power weakened the country to a point
where Roman conquest was inevitable. For this novel the author received
the Bialik prize, the highest literary award in Israel.
ieg el
, B
e n ja m in
Th e sword and the promise. New York, Harcourt, Brace,
1959. 311 p.
This historical novel, set in the Roman Empire under Hadrian, tells of
Bias, a Greek physician enslaved by the Romans, who joins with the Jews
to fight against the Roman legions.
k lovsky
, M
a x
Dynasty: a novel of Chicago’s industrial revolution. Chicago,
Americana House, 1959. 202 p.
The story of Aaron Bishoff, an immigrant with great hopes, as seen
through the eyes of a great industrialist, Robert B. Chase.