Page 118 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 17 (1958-1959)

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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
In succeeding pages
Are books for every child and different ages,
A ll honor to the authors who contrive
T o keep so many interests alive.
, L
il l ia n
S. Join us for the holidays. Illus. by Jessie B. Robinson.
New York, National Women’s League of the United Synagogue of Amer­
ica, 1958. 63 p.
Jews of many lands and from many ages celebrate the holidays, (ages
braham s
, R
o bert
D. The uncommon soldier: Major Alfred Mordecai. Illus.
by Morton Garchik. New York, Farrar, Straus and Cudahy; Philadelphia,
Jewish Publication Society
(Covenant books
) , 1959. 178 p.
The story of a major who was persuaded to remain as a teacher at
West Point and help train soldiers, rather than fight in the army,
(ages 12-15).
earm an
, J
an e
e i l
, M
Shalom: a holiday book for little chil­
dren. Illus. by Jane Bearman. New York, Jonathan David, 1958.
The celebration of the holidays by the young child in the home and
in the synagogue has been charmingly told and illustrated in color,
(ages 5 -8 ) .
, B
e h n
In the beginning: story of Abraham. Illus. by Bernard
Springstee. New York, Hebrew Publishing Co., 1958.
Story of Abraham, the father of the Jewish people, retold simply for
the young reader with colorful illustrations, (ages 5-8)
r ich to
, M
God around us: a child’s garden of prayer. Illus. by Clare
Romano Ross and John Ross. New York, Union of American Hebrew
Congregations, 1958.
Prayers for the young in Hebrew and English with beautiful illustra­
tions in color to delight the children, (ages 5-8)
, H
ym an
an d Z
, E
v e l y n
. M y b ook o f p r a y e r , v o l . 1, W e e k
day s a n d S a b b a th , v o l . 2 , H o l id a y s a n d h o lyd ay s . I l lu s . by L e o n a r d
W e i s g a rd . N ew Y o rk , U n i t e d S yn agogu e C om m is s ion o n Jew i sh E d u c a ­
t io n ,
1959. 96, 108
p .
Beautifully illustrated books of prayer in Hebrew and English with
explanations of the holidays and prayers, (ages 6-9)
oan e
, P
e la g ie
Story of Moses. Philadelphia, Lippincott, 1958. 120 p.
Simply told story of Moses with illustrations by the author, (ages 6-10)
d elm an
, L
i l y
Israel: new people in an old land. New York, Thomas Nel­
son, 1958. 208 p. Illustrated.
The author captures the spirit of the people who are building a nation
with more than 60 nationalities, (ages 10-12)
, A
zr iel
, J
B. My Jewish holidays. New York,
United Synagogue Commission on Jewish Education, 1958. 208 p.
A “work-and-play” book for the child with ideas for parent and teacher
in holiday preparation, (ages 5-8)
, A
z r ie l
The story of the Jewish calendar. Wood engravings by
Elisabeth Friedlander. New York, Abelard-Schuman, 1958. 62 p.
A simple narrative of the development of the Jewish calendar to inter­
est the inquiring mind, (ages 10-12)
p st e in
, M
. M y
holiday story book. 2nd rev. ed. Illus. by Arnold Lobel.
New York, Ktav, 1958. 54 p.
Holiday stories that will delight the child whether read to him or by
him. (ages 5-8)