Page 119 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 17 (1958-1959)

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e l e n
G’dee. Illus. by Hal Just. New York, Union of American
Hebrew Congregations, 1958. 163 p.
A white goat is sent to twins in America, by their uncle who lives in
Israel. The mischievous goat enjoys the holidays with the children,
(ages 5 -8 ) .
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, B
e t t y
R . Bible stories for little children. Book 2. Illus. by
William Steinel. New York, Union of American Hebrew Congregations,
1958. 82 p.
A continuation of the easy to read Bible stories from Joshua to David,
(ages 5-8)
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la r k
. J u b a l an d th e p r o p h e t . I l lu s . by B e r n a r d K r ig s te in .
N ew Y o rk , F a r r a r , S t rau s , an d C u d ah y ; P h i la d e lp h ia , Jew ish P u b l i c a t io n
So c ie ty
Covenant books
) , 1958. 175
p .
Story of the prophet Jeremiah as seen through the eyes of Jubal, the
son of a prophet, (ages 12-15)
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, L
Freckle face Frankel. New York, Coward-McCann, 1959.
158 p.
Debbie, a tomboy, who would rather play ball with the boys than wear
a dress, gradually learns that even girls can have fun at school and at
home with help from her understanding Jewish family, (ages 10-12)
la p erm an
, G
il b e r t
i b b y
Th e story of the Jewish people: vol. 3: from
the Golden Age in Spain through the European emancipation. Illus. by
Lorence J . Bjorklund. New York, Behrman, 1958. 256 p.
The third volume of the history of the Jews, incorporating the liter­
ature as well as the history and life of the people during this turbulent
period, (ages 10-12)
u h n
, L
The world of Jo Davidson. Illus. by Leonard Everett
Fisher. New York, Farrar, Straus and Cudahy; Philadelphia, Jewish Pub­
lication Society
(Covenant books
) , 1958. 191 p.
Th e story of one of the great sculptors who went from the East Side
of New York to the palaces of kings and presidents, (ages 12-15)
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, K
Animals and the ark. New York, Harper, 1958. 32 p.
Humorous, colored illustrations, rich in detail and a delightful telling
of the Noah story that will interest the younger reader, (ages 4-6)
ehm an n
, M
The family Y Aguilar: the story of Jewish heroism during
the Spanish Inquisition. Adapted from the German by Jacob Breuer.
New York, Feldheim, 1958. 284 p.
A romantic story of a family of Spanish Jewry who lived during the
fateful days of the Inquisition, (ages 12-15)
er r iam
, E
v e
The voice of liberty: the story of Emma Lazarus. Illus. by
Charles W. Walker. New York, Farrar, Straus and Cudahy; Philadelphia,
Jewish Publication Society
(Covenant books
) , 1959. 179 p.
A delineation of a Jewish heroine and poetess whose sense of respon­
sibility for her fellow-Jews was inspiring, (ages 12-15)
e t er sh am
, M
David. Joseph and his brothers. Moses. Ruth .
Adapted and illus. by the authors. New York, Macmillan, 1958.
These four separate books present Bible stories retold for young
children. Th e beautiful illustrations are more delicate in color than the
earlier editions of these books, (ages 5-8)
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, E
d yth e
o l
Chanukah surprise! Illus. by Ezekiel Schloss
and Cyla London. New York, Ktav, 1958.
An attractive book for the young child, (ages 4-6)
------- . Chanukah treasure chest. Illus. by Ezekiel Schloss and Cyla London.
New York, Ktav, 1958.
Stories and poems about Chanukah, with colorful illustrations, (ages
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