Page 127 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 17 (1958-1959)

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eb r ew
n so ? nynn nxxm .D’ana 'a .n?nx’ axr pnx’ ann nxa
n n x s n
.tr*tyn ,pn*p“ra /'ivx nnxsn,,
.n n tyma ?y ty irs
nxxm .’ aann m nna /px* xnnty an nxa , D ’ n x j n m a i t y n
♦ n ^ n ,pTP’ ra /'nmaa,,
."miaa,/ nxxm .n?’ a m nna . n ’ n 1 ? 1 n s n x ’ a o n m a i tyn
.n^tyn ,p n in ^
o^nn onso nao n y lsrsm ,anson n?x n?n *»a ,pso ?a px : m y n
anpa onmam D’X’sa i??n onananty x?x .naran non ja D^aam
Daw — D’ana?m D’ aann my anpai D.Tnroaa^nai an\m?\np
t?’ sx ix mm a ’x nm so ? ox’xan? ,D*>amya Dams? nmx D’xn
laaiatyna ’noaon x? p~iaa .?xnty*> n so ? nmana nnaa? Dnoa?
n n x r ,™a*>p ,nvwn ,Dmma ,o n n ’ o ,D’ tyam) D’ ? ’n tymp-nso
.*pn ’ ?a naoa? npnaxa D’ osnai D’a?mn ,(myi
/'tannx,, nxxm .anna *aty .pavranpyaty n n nxa ,
15? ty1 n ’ 1 ? a a
/a y 909 .n^tyn .Dxn?n — tnn ?
naxai D’a^ayn nnsa oy .nrn ja n ?xnty» oy ?ma ?y moa
.maan ianan ?y ’ sxnma
R aw id ow i c z , S im on .
Babylon and Jerusalem. London, England, and Waltham,
Mass., Ararat Publishing Society, 1957. 2 vols. 909 pages.
Essays on the fate of Israel in this period.
mx’ an •owioonx? nosnm n’nmn nso ?y n ty n p x m x ’ a
p x ntya pnyn mx’ pn nxi ,oia*>ai?p p o iaw p ip’nyn ’ yxaxn
pos?Ti ’ ax nanya ,nax?mp ?xiaty nxa nnyn *yn’xa an n o .ra ’n
/a y
.oxa /rnaap .oais m xn o’ oans nxxm .tan nm
K u r l a n d , S am u e l .
Averroes on Aristotle’s
De Generatione et Curruptione.
Cambridge, Mass., Mediaeval Academy of America, 1958. 260 p.
xna <nTx .a’a .n : nnay .nra ?xiaty nxa , n *m ’ y a 1 n m p ’ an
/a y
.n"’ tyn ,D’ ?tyn’ .p’ ?X’a noia .po an
.o’xmpi onpaa ,onsio ?y
N ig e r , S am u e l .
Criticism and its problems. Jerusalem, Bialik Institute, 1957.
381 p.
Essays on writers, critics and readers.
nxxm .n’aty nnnna .jxaoaxn nxa n n nxa , 1 ’ a an a i n n n n
/a y 70 .tr ’ tyn ,pm’ “*i’a .nmm -pa’nn nyn
W a x m a n , M e y e r .
Generations and their educators. New York, Jewish Edu­
cation Committee, 1959. 70 p.
.fxaxnxnty n x a ann nxa , n n a ]*1 t yxnn ’ a n n n n ? m n ? x i
/a y
.n"’ tyn ,D’?tyn’ .nanna nry?x : nnay .maian Dy
.r ? isa nvronn nyiana D’ pns
S c h w a r t z m a n , M e i r .
And these are the generations of the first Rebbe of Gur.
Jerusalem, 1958. 180 p.
On the Hasidic movement in Poland.