Page 148 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 17 (1958-1959)

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P. (Alexander) . Lodz in my memory: episodes of my childhood and
youth. Buenos Aires, Yidbukh, 1958. 261 p.
Memoirs portraying Jewish life in the big industrial city of Lodz,
Poland, before World W ar I.
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M a rm o r , K a lm e n . M y
life-story. New York, Ykuf, 1959. 2 vols.
Memoirs of a left-wing labor leader and writer, covering his
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in Russia and England, until the year 1908, when he emigrated
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United States.
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R a k , E l im e l e c h .
Memoirs of
Jewish artisan leader. Buenos Aires, Central
Association of Polish Jews in Argentina, 1958. 234 p.
A contribution to the history of Jewish trades in Poland between the
two world wars.
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