Page 149 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 17 (1958-1959)

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A b r am ow i c z —A m e r i c a n Y iddish B o o k s
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Dyi ps payiaa; px ♦I i s n y an; t $ n p a
^poviy^oxn .w ps tmansn .td p^T ’5oyi px *ix*isw nytPT*
nwa nyns pyayaomx ,pnr"pa .pn^
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♦'T63 ,1958 ,.*>.a ,0pa$"D ZiyPVI DD*»?y-DW ,ttytra$p“*Tn-*iya*n$
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.p y o ^ ra y?istnyn x p$?yanyrx a#n
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ysyn /inna ,rnansT
.1958 ,^,n'>'»"tmt:,’tnDn,»x nysy?usxtt;ao,’n nyw*T* ,oyT*>x o$ayn-pir
/T 380
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nn ]*ib fy^oy pnx jy^a t o px .nippy? px nyrrnw ,Dit:ai”
x px nvnya t3ny?t)3ByiXB tra a rx pn n r tya^T o$n v*8w
Jacob Shatzky memorial volume: evaluation of Dr. Shatzky’s contributions,
and Dr. Shatzky’s memoirs, letters, lectures and essays. Edited by Y.
Lipshutz. New York-Buenos Aires, YIVO, 1958. 380 p.
Dedicated to the noted historian of Polish Jewry, this book includes
his papers which were culled from periodicals and other sources, not
easily accessible.
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.'T 475 .1958 ,0yT*X
$t:ya nynytnxn px tny?ya
nya?yn ,nnna ps rna*nar
iw a a - ’xxa nyn nyaaix
-yin .jxptnxs ie t t ” x ps manat . t ? a , p ? y s - p i w D ? x p x n
,yraayjn8 px p ” y tw is ps naxnnxs-?xnt:ay:s ,oyi«x o r
.'T 301
px maya nya^n px nyaxptnxs y^n ” ps py?
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aka lchuk
- F
e l in
, M
e l e k h
. M em o irs o f a Jew ish p a r t i s a n . B u e n o s A i re s ,
C e n t r a l A s so c ia t ion o f P o l ish Jew s in A r g e n t in a ,
1958. 301
p .
Portrays Jewish guerilla activities in Volynia during the years 1942-44.
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.'T 253 .1958
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