Page 155 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 17 (1958-1959)

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A b r am ow ic z —A m e r i c a n Y iddish B o o k s
*ik yw n x iy tr ? : tn#n px tw n . x /Oy ‘? y > y ,7 “ r 3 X ‘7a
.'T 318 .1958
,iTttp-pa .jy^Dy
manat p n x iy>M lytaan p ?n « p a n x a ps yT*ps T a oyn px
: tx px ,nya*>nw ywn” pyn ty^oy ,pnpnynav onana ps
px *rnxaxy?„ aamaxn
lan z
- L
e y e l e s s
A. World and word: literary and other essays. New York,
CYCO, 1958. 318 p.
Volume of prose writings by a noted Yiddish poet.
px iya*nw pyn jy^oy ♦n yp xn n s pk nyaan . n . w , n y a a •>r
/t 336
,aan"nyDyanx ps aaiWDs$"oaan?*a ,p*np-pa .nya*a
p*>x .ypnyax px nya*>nw y ^ n ” yanynga pyn ty^oy
.pytrnyw .w px
rwa ,]ya#o?yanya .n pyn px
- r a .(nax^ay ,*pnpaxns nax^wtrn) nyp’ ttaxai$n . n a ? a , n y p $ ?
.'T 198 .1958 n y a a n w nynna n ax^nxs
nyn px
/ rsonx
pny^nw n Daip uyanx nyn px
nynyaspxpxyn nyn ps anna$ ]x py?ya
p x
aanynxa nytzpDaxagn
ps nsipn nyn px ys^n^x p ^ n x s nyaysw uxn o#n y>?xna
/my? a n a ^ n a s 1?
nna .p snw yD^axrya . ?
n » i o p p n y * ?
.'T 350 .1958
ps na^ns yayraynys ” t ps
,nya” nw ywn” pyn jy^oy
.y ’s^xa — nax?ann pn ps ,nana
-v>a .v a : naxa nyD
.mtjxnytj*'? nywn« ny^a nyn
p *
p y ?
t r a ttpM^xnxs) oynaaisp-nwip nywn” ny ayw yn ?x ,p i^
.'T 552 .1958 ,("$p’X*
■*p?a*a px yw’s x i ^ n n .jyaya
p n x aaya naxa nyn
-yao*ox naxa p i p*>a T ^ n x s px ,px y^xanxsa^x ytzr>sxna
.n$nya tnytr>na
Lexicon of the new Yiddish literature: vol. 2. New York, Congress of Jewish
Culture, 1958. 552 p.
Includes 740 biographies of Yiddish writers. The biographical and
bibliographical information was considerably enlarged in comparison
with volume one.
px nya^nw nywn” nyn px )sxw ywn^ oxn . f a n a , ? ■>t ^ a
/T 315
,*iipm ,pn*p-pa .naxanxs-pyn$o
n x s px m w &ay?Dasynxs ]ya*»n o#yi w p ' t n s aai^axT
.nap 30 yosy? n ps iwa px oyaxaonx ywn^nys yayn^w
a y z e l
, N
achm an
Jewish creative activity and the Jewish writer in the
Soviet Union. New York, Ykuf, 1959. 315 p.
A collection of articles culled from books and periodicals, published
in the years 1929-59.