Page 156 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 17 (1958-1959)

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Yi#pr& Tnn Dina ,p-i*p-ra .(1955-1893) ,
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♦'T 348 .1959 ,t3ytr&$p“Tin
■xiyD*>‘? px iyt3an paxpxn ps payras px p y ^ o n ix ^a^&XT
Nokhum Borukh Minkoff: 1893-1955. New York, 1959. 348 p.
Volume dedicated to the memory of a noted poet and literary critic.
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438 .1959 ,0yiaa$pniD,7lp ]Wn” py?D?yn?X D” n D5?D’^p- lin
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.yaxnyttNis .x ps nynnw yu,naxnxn n pyn
^*»D^a yw’sx-uipn px
S. Yiddish writers in Soviet Russia, New York, Sh. Niger Book Com­
mittee of the Congress for Jewish Culture, 1958. 479 p.
Articles written in the years 1920-1950, with an introduction by H.
Leivick, and biographical notes by A. Pomerantz.
ly r a .w ,p*i$*n*a .‘TittxiyB’'? nywn” nyT ps yun’wya nyt:y?n .-----
438 .1959 ,oyua$p-TiB?ip ]wn” pyw yiT rx D” n ttytraxp-pn
.(2'n nyra .w ps pnyn yayn^pya) /r
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."nDxiyD*’? “lyaiyTip px nywn” -D?x pyn jy^oy pnx
------- . Studies in the history of Yiddish literature. New York, Sh. Niger
Book Committee of the Congress for Jewish Culture, 1958. 438 p.
Essays on old and modern Yiddish literature.
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/t 336 .1958 ^n” —tntrt:oa,’X nyay^sxwaom nywn*’'’ ,p*np-va
]wn” p&nxn ps payia$ Dyi &y&vnya px o$n ^in^xT px
ps lyaaynaxnsg pnx iy” a nyp^np px nypn^DD^nrnDxnyD1’?
px ixnsw ,TiDxnyt:,’,7 ps ftrnya n px lywn^s ywn” *>n x
S. Niger memorial volume. Edited by Shlomo Bickel and Leibush Lehrer.
New York, YIVO, 1958. 338 p.
Contributions by noted scholars in the fields of literature, linguistics
and history.
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/T 297 .1958 ^ytr&sp x ps pyayaonnx ,oyT*x
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