Page 167 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 17 (1958-1959)

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e h m a n n
- A
- J
ew ish
lm a n
, P
e t e r
( P
, ed. An introduction to Jewish law. London, pub­
lished for the World Jewish Congress (British Section) by Lincolns-
Prager, 1958. 103 p.
(Popular Jewish library - no. 11)
A guide to the leading aspects and sources of Jewish law in the form
of essays by different subject specialists.
ng le
, A
n ita
The Nili spies. London, Hogarth Press, 1959. 245 p.
A book recalling the early struggles for Israel’s independence, the
1914-1918 war in the Middle East, and some of the most outstanding
personalities involved.
ps t e in
, I
Judaism: a historical presentation. Harmondsworth and
Baltimore, Md., Penguin Books, 1959. 349 p.
“An account of the origin and development of Jewish religious and
ethical teaching and practice, philosophic thought and mystical doctrine,
presented against a background of 4000 years of Jewish history.”
------- . Step by step in the Jewish religion. London, Soncino Press, 1958. 143 p.
A small comprehensive work presenting the basic knowledge needed
by young readers for the appreciation of the teachings of traditional
tt inger
, D
Hebrew pictorical dictionary: compiled by
D .
Ettinger in collaboration with scientific and professional experts. (Export
ed) . Gateshead, J. Lehmann, 1959. 384 p.
A vocabulary divided into seventeen parts, e.g. the human body, dress,
agriculture, transport, and containing diagrams on which the details
are numbered and their Hebrew and English designations given.
a br ican t
, I
N. A guide to Succoth. London, Jewish Chronicle Publica­
tions, 1958. 69 p.
A booklet describing the meaning, historical significance, history and
ritual of the festival.
, H
The dual image:
o f
the figure
o f
the Jew in English
literature. London, published for the World Jewish Congress (British
Section) by Lincolns-Prager, 1959. 87 p.
(Popular Jewish library
no. 12).
The work describes the role played by the Jew in English literature
and endeavours to solve the problem of who is the typical Jew in English
literature, Shylock, Fagin or Deronda.
ishm an
, I
Introduction to Judaism. London, Vallentine, Mitchell,
1958. 160 p.
A comprehensive text-book for young readers serving as an introduc­
tion to the beliefs, practices and ethical teachings of traditional Judaism.
reedm an
, M
aur ic e
The structure of Jewish minorities: Noah Barou
memorial lecture, 1957 delivered at the University College, London, on
Thursday 13th December 1957. London, World Jewish Congress, 1958.
24 p.
(Noah Barou memorial lectures -1957)
e lba r t
, D
The family of Israel, by Dan Gelbart with the helping hand
of Michael Elkins. London, Bland, 1958. 68 p.
The story of Israel’s first ten years told by means of forty-seven
drawings and personifying the State as a ten year old child.
ev e
, T
Youth in chains. Jerusalem, Rubin Mass, 1958. 262 p.
The autobiography in English of a young German-Jewish concentra­
tion camp inmate who spent part of the war years in Auschwitz and
la tz er
, N
o rbert
, ed . L e o p o ld an d A d e lh e id Zun z : a n a c c o u n t in
le t te r s ,
e d i te d w i th an in t r o d u c t io n by N a h um N . G la tz e r .
L o n d o n , p u b l ish ed f o r th e I n s t i tu t e by th e E a s t an d W e s t L ib r a r y ,
p .
(Leo Baeck Institute of Jews from Germany. Publications)
An edition of several hundred letters, covering seventy years, by and
to Zunz which throw fresh light on the problems facing nineteenth
century German Jewry, and also on the personality of the Father of
the Judische Wissenschaft.