Page 190 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 17 (1958-1959)

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braries, the general press and from non-sectarian organizations.
In addition, guidance is given to individuals and to all types
of Jewish organizations in the selection of books, in the develop­
ment of libraries, in the compilation of specialized booklists, and
in a wide variety of other categories of services.
Annual Meeting
The Annual Meeting of the Council was held on May 20,
1959, at the World Affairs Center in New York City. Solomon
Kerstein, chairman of the annual meeting committee, introduced
the president of the Council, Dr. A. Alan Steinbach, who pre­
sided. A resolution in memory of Jacob Levin, who had been
actively associated with the work of the Council, was presented
by Mr. Yudel Mark.
The annual literary awards were presented by Joseph A.
Daroff, Milton Kovner and Mrs. Annie N. Siegel. Dr. I. Edward
Kiev presented a library citation.
The program of the meeting, in honor of the centenary of
the birth of Sholom Aleichem, featured Maurice Samuel, noted
lecturer, literary critic and author of
The World of Sholom
who read from this work.
The Jewish Book Council of America is grateful to the hun­
dreds of national and local organizations which have made pos­
sible the implementation of its objectives. Untold numbers of
individuals in urban and rural areas have shared in the Coun­
cil's diverse activities. As the Council with its limited resources
can serve only as a stimulus, it requires the participation of
the volunteers whose cooperation it has gratefully succeeded in
We are also grateful to the scores of contributors to and the
editors of
In Jewish Bookland
and the
Jewish Book Annual;
the judges of the annual literary awards; the members of our
various committees; and the officers and members of the Executive
For the wide coverage of the activities of the Council in the
general, English-Jewish and Yiddish press, credit is due to the
Bureau of Public Information of the National Jewish Welfare
Board, its director, Bernard Postal, and George Perry.
We deeply appreciate the encouragement and concern of the
lay and professional leaders of the National Jewish Welfare
Board, which not only subsidizes the Council, but also provides
numerous other invaluable services.