Page 8 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 17 (1958-1959)

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orchard of Jewish creativity. But unlike Tantalus who was con­
demned to stand up to his neck in water and never sip from
it, the reader will find here, it is hoped, some food to tempt
his cultural palate.
There is a fine morsel in Professor Cyrus G. Gordon’s paper
evaluating a number of key works dealing with the Dead Sea
Scrolls. G. Kressel’s article in Hebrew traces the strides made
in Jewish studies during the first decade of the State of Israel.
In his “Epitaph on Joseph Klausner,” Eisig Silberschlag reminds
us that 845 articles and 40 books sprouted from the prolific pen
of this scholarly giant between 1893 and 1937. Moses Senderey’s
article in Yiddish deals with selected recent Yiddish literature
in Latin America. A scholarly examination by Joseph Leftwich
of Hassidic strains which have infiltrated imaginative English
literature complete what we hope will be a balanced and nourish­
ing bill of fare.
Jewish Book Annual
again takes cognizance of significant
literary anniversaries: the centennial of Isaac Baer Levinsohn’s
death, by M. G. Glenn and of Simon Frug’s birth, in Yiddish
by Leon Feinberg; the quincentennial of Judah Abarbanel’s
birth, by Solomon Feffer and the millennial of the birth of
Gershom ben Judah of Mainz, by Shlomo Eidelberg. Jacob
Kabakoff’s bibliography of English translations of Hayyim Nah-
man Bialik’s works marks the 25th anniversary of the poet’s
death, and 1959-1960 anniversaries are recorded by Theodore
Bibliographies of new books occupy a position of centrality
in the
As indicated in the Table of Contents, seven
distinctive cataloguings reveal the rich literary harvest gleaned
in 1958-1959. These compilations have been expertly assembled
by I. Edward Kiev, Mary N. Kiev, Miriam Leikind, Daniel
Persky, Dina Abramowicz, Ruth P. Lehmann, G. Kressel and
M. G. Glenn. As always, Rabbi Philip Goodman, our highly
dependable Managing Editor, has again infused the
with his unremitting dynamism. His understanding and co­
operation are a source of encouragement and inspiration; he is
a treasure to us. With his characteristic tenderness, Yudel Mark
has eulogized Jacob Levin, one of our fellow-workers who was
transported during the past year beyond the frontiers of mor­
tality. We all share in Mr. Mark’s touching tribute to our late
colleague, of blessed memory.
We gratefully acknowledge the gifts of the Lucius N. Littauer
Foundation, the national organizations affiliated with the Coun­
cil, and our sponsor, the National Jewish Welfare Board. We
are mightily indebted to them and to the following stalwart
workers: Rabbi Ely E. Pilchik, Hayyim Bass, Dr. Mortimer J.
Cohen, Solomon Kerstein and Harry Starr. Their efforts have
been largely instrumental in making possible the publication of
this volume.