Page 82 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 17 (1958-1959)

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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
Selected Poems,
trans. by Maurice Samuel. N. Y., Th e New Palestine, 1926.
79 p.
This is the first collection of Bialik’s writings that appeared in this
country on the occasion of his visit here. In addition to an introduction
and to Helena Frank’s rendition of Th e City of Slaughter, it contains
the following translations by the author: From “Songs of the People”;
Th e Dead of the Wilderness; Shelter Me Beneath Your Pinion; Night;
Th e Masmid; Through Clouds of Fire; El Ha-Zipor.
Poems from the Hebrew,
ed. L . V. Snowman. London, Hasefer, 1924. 114 p.
The first collection of Bialik’s poems in English translation, this book
contains 36 pieces. In addition to the editor’s translations, it brings
renditions by Helena Frank (8 poems, including Th e Talmud Student
and In the City of S laughter), Reginald V. Feldman (To the Frost and
Tidings) and Nina Salaman (Surely the People is G rass). T h e intro ­
duction by Vladimir Jabotinsky appeared originally in his Russian edition
of Bialik’s poems.
A Bialik Treasury,
by Jacob E. Segal. N. Y., National Academy for Adult
Jewish Studies, no date (mimeographed). 112 p.
Contains selections from the poet’s major poems, “Songs of the People,”
children’s verse and prose writings culled from the renditions of well-
known translators (Samuel, Frank, Lask, Sampter and R ask in ) , together
with an introduction and notes.
The Flowering of Modern Hebrew Literature,
by Menachem Ribalow. Ed.
and trans. by Judah Nadich. N. Y., Twayne, 1959, pp. 50-57; 80-87.
In addition to 2 essays on Bialik, the volume contains a selection of 8
poems, culled largely from Efros’ edition, and H. Danby’s translation of
Th e Legend of the Three and Four.
Of the Past and of the Present,
by Saul Kleinman. N. Y., Shengold Pub ­
lishers, 1959, pp. 89-93.
Translation of One Stray Star, Zion’s Convocations and Th e Laden
The Collected Poems of Rabbi C. David Matt,
ed. Milton Nevins. Phila.,
West Philadelphia Jewish Community Center, 1953, pp. 137, 139, 141.
Translation of Th e Last of the Desert’s Dead.
Collected Poems of Philip M. Raskin.
N. Y., Bloch, 1951, pp. 112-114; 119; 122.
Translation of Chastisement, And Shouldst Thou Wish to Know, Shel­
ter Me and Who Am I-W h a t Am I?
Gems of Hebrew Verse
, by Harry H. Fein. Boston, Bruce Humphries, 1940,
pp. 43-44; 49; 86-87; 100; 107; 110-112.
Translation of T o the Volunteers, To the Agadah, Spirits of Morn,
The Kid, Grace After Meals and The Locomotive.
Titans of Hebrew Verse,
by Harry H. Fein. Boston, Bruce Humphries, 1936,
pp. 15-60.
Introductory note; translation of On the Threshold of the House of
Prayer, At Sunrise, The Locomotive, Hamathmid, Tidings, Stars Twinkle
and Fade, Her Eyes, The Pond, If Thou Wouldst Know and When I
Am Dead.
A Harvest of Hebrew Verse,
by Harry H. Fein. Boston, Bruce Humphries,
1934, pp. 96-109.
Translation of On a Hot Summer Day, Spirits of Morn, In the Town
of Slaughter.
An Anthology of Poem Translations from the Hebrew and the Yiddish,
Bertha Beinkinstadt. Cape Town, City Printing Works, 1930, pp. 1-106.
A collection of 23 translations, including Th e Scroll of Fire.