Page 83 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 17 (1958-1959)

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ia l ik
Treasury of World Literature,
ed. Dagobert D. Runes. N. Y., Philosophical
Library, 1956, pp. 125-128.
Where Are You; Her Eyes, trans. by Leo Auerbach and Joseph T .
A Little Treasury of World Poetry,
ed. Herbert Creekmore. N. Y., Scribners,
1952, pp. 76-79.
Night, trans. by Maurice Samuel; I Know on a Night Overcast, trans.
by Jacob Sloan.
The Poetry of Freedom,
ed. William Rose Benet and Norman Cousins. N. Y.,
Random House, 1945, pp. 589-590.
From the Mathmid, trans. by Maurice Samuel.
An Anthology of World Poetry,
ed. Mark Van Doren. N. Y., Reynal and
Hitchcock, 1936 (revised edition) , pp. 213-234.
Th e Mathmid; From “Songs of the People”; Night; Th e Dead of the
Wilderness, trans. by Maurice Samuel.
World’s Best Poems,
ed. Mark Van Doren and Garibaldi M. Lapolla. Cleve­
land and N. Y., World Publishing Co., 1947 (formerly issued under the
A Junior Anthology of World Poetry,
N. Y., A. and C. Boni, 1929) ,
pp. 66-76.
From “Songs of the People”; The Dead of the Wilderness, trans. by
Maurice Samuel.
The Zionist Idea,
ed. Arthur Hertzberg. N. Y., Doubleday and Herzl Press,
1959, pp. 281-288.
Bialik on the Hebrew University (1925 ), trans. by the editor.
A Treasury of Jewish Poetry,
ed. Nathan and Marynn Ausubel. N. Y., Crown,
Contains a selection of 17 poems culled largely from Israel Efros’ edi­
tion of the poet’s works. Included are the complete texts of The Talmud
Student, trans. by H. Frank, and The City of Slaughter, trans. by A. M.
A Treasury of Jewish Humor,
ed. Nathan Ausubel. N. Y., Doubleday, 1952,
pp. 59-73; 115-116.
The Short Friday (story ) , trans. by I . M. Lask; One Two Three,
trans. from the Yiddish by J . Leftwich.
Feast of Leviathan,
ed. Leo W. Schwarz. N. Y., Rinehart, 1956, pp. 295-302.
Th e Legend of Three and Four, trans. by I. M. Lask.
Memoirs of My People,
ed. Leo W. Schwarz. N. Y., Farrar and Rinehart,
1943, pp. 254-268.
Before Th irty , from a posthumously published ms. “Ketaim Auto-
biografiim,” pp. 6-17, in
vol. VI (Tel Aviv, 1941).
A Golden Treasury of Jewish Literature,
ed. Leo W. Schwarz. N. Y., Farrar
and Rinehart, 1937, pp. 611-617.
Night; Th e Mathmid (se l.) ; Two Steps From My Garden Rail, trans.
by Maurice Samuel; Queen Sabbath, trans. by I. M. Lask.
The Jewish Caravan,
great stories of twenty-five centuries, ed. Leo W. Schwarz,
N. Y., Farrar and Rinehart, 1935, pp. 169-174; 455-458.
The Legend of Three and Four, trans. by I. M. Lask; Making the
Crooked Straight, trans. by Aaron Frankel.
Israel Argosy,
ed. Isaac Halevy-Levin, vol. IV. N. Y., Yoseloff, 1956, pp. 154-
156; 165-168.
The Sweet Singer of Israel and Th e Harp of David (legends), trans.
by Herbert Danby and arranged as poetry by Sholom J . Kahn in his
compilation of David poems.