Page 84 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 17 (1958-1959)

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H er Children Call H er Blessed,
a portrait of the Jewish mother, ed. Franz
Kobler. N. Y., Stephen Daye Press, 1955, p. 15.
Shelter Me, trans. by P. M. Raskin.
The Great Jewish Books,
ed. Samuel Caplan and Harold U. Ribalow. N. Y.,
Horizon Press, 1952, pp. 315-339.
Bialik: Poet and Prophet, by Menachem Ribalow; If Thou Wouldst
Know, trans. by H. H. Fein; Upon the Slaughter, trans. by A. M. Klein;
Go Flee, O Prophet!, trans. by Ben Aronin; ‘Tw ixt Tigris and Euphrates,
trans. by Maurice Samuel; Out of the Depth, trans. by Reginald D. Feld ­
man; Throbs the Night with Mystic Silence, trans. by Bertha Beinkinstadt.
Yisroel, the First Jewish Omnibus,
ed. Joseph Leftwich. N. Y., Behrman, 1952
(2nd ed ition ) , pp. 589-596.
King David’s Cave (legend), trans. by I. M. Lask.
The Golden Peacock,
an anthology of Yiddish poetry, by Joseph Leftwich.
London, Robert Anscombe, 1939, pp. 23-56.
Contains Bialik’s Yiddish poetry in Leftwich’s translation, including
The Last Word, In the Slaughter Town and several folk poems.
The Bar Mitzvah Treasury,
ed. Azriel Eisenberg. N. Y., Behrman, 1952 (also
The Confirmation Reader,
1953 ) , pp. 41-52.
The Scorpion and the Spider (legend), trans. by Herbert Danby.
Modern Jewish Life in Literature,
by Azriel Eisenberg. N. Y., United Syn­
agogue Commission on Jewish Education, 1952 (2nd ed ition ) , pp. 36-37.
(se l.) , trans. by Maurice Samuel.
Jewish Literature Since the Bible,
book 2, by Leon I. Feuer and Azriel Eisen­
berg. Cincinnati, Union of American Hebrew Congregations, 1941, pp.
276-283; 305-310.
In the City of Slaughter (sel.), trans. by H. Frank; T o the Bird, trans.
by Maurice Samuel; The Hebrew University (sel. from address).
The World Over Story Book,
ed. Norton Belth. N. Y., Bloch, 1952, pp. 19-29;
93-98; 302-307.
Adaptations for the young readers of the legends: King Solomon and
the Boastful Dove; The Hoopoe; King Solomon and the Bee; The T rum ­
pet Was Ashamed; In the Beginning.
Anthology of Modern Jewish Poetry,
by Philip M. Raskin. N. Y., Behrman,
1927, pp. 81-104.
Th e Prophet’s Last Word, trans. by Samuel Roth ; Th e Dead of the
Wilderness, trans. by Maurice Samuel; Th e Last Corpses in the Desert,
trans. by H. Frank; Th e Source of Strength and Shelter Me, trans. by
P. M. Raskin; From “Songs of the People,” trans. by Maurice Samuel.
The Jewish Anthology,
by Edmond Fleg, trans. by Maurice Samuel. N. Y.,
Behrman, 1950 (2nd edition) , pp. 322-325; 332-333; 335-339; 364-365;
The Mathmid (se l.) ; Shelter Me Beneath Your Pinion; From “Songs
of the People”; Night; The Dead of the Wilderness.
A Book of Jewish Thoughts,
ed. Joseph Herman Hertz. N. Y., Bloch, 1949,
pp. 94-95; 121.
The Fountain, trans. by P. M. Raskin; On the Threshold of the
Promised Land, trans. by Helena Frank.
Artzi Palestine Almanac 5708,
ed. Jacob Tchernowitz; English ed. Molly Lyons
Bar-David. Tel Aviv, Palestine Pioneer Library, 1947, pp. 69-71.
The Caravan Passes (from Th e Dead of the Desert), trans. by I. M.
Jewish Frontier Anthology 1934-1944.
N. Y., Jewish Frontier Association
1945, pp. 392-394; 442-451.
Lamnazeakh al Ham’kholot, trans. by Esther Zweig; Th e City of
Slaughter, trans. by Abraham M. Klein.