Page 85 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 17 (1958-1959)

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ia l ik
The Wisdom of Israel,
by Lewis Browne. N. Y., Random House, 1945,
pp. 655-667.
Th e Fountain, trans. by P. M. Raskin; The Dead in the Desert (se l.) ,
trans. by Maurice Samuel; The City of Slaughter (sel.), trans. from the
Yiddish by Helena Frank.
Sabbath the Day of Delight
, by Abraham E. Millgram. Phila., Jewish Pub ­
lication Society, 1944, pp. 253-254.
The Sabbath is the Cornerstone of Judaism, from address delivered at
the laying of the cornerstone of ‘Ohel Shem in Te l Aviv, 1929.
The Oneg Shabbath Book,
ed. Trude Weiss Rosmarin. N. Y ., Jewish Book
Club, 1940, pp. 48-49.
Queen Sabbath, trans. by I. M. Lask.
Source Book of Jewish History and Literature,
by Julius Hoexter and Moses
Jung. London, Shapiro, Valentine, 1938, pp. 302-305.
Shelter Me Beneath your Pinion; From “Songs of the People,” trans.
by Maurice Samuel; At Sunrise, trans. by Harry H. Fein.
ed. Chaim Arlosoroff, S. Grodensky, Rebecca Schmuckler. N. Y.,
Zionist Labor Party “Hitachdut” of America, 1929, pp. 14-19.
On the tenth anniversary of Hechalutz, trans. from a speech in
by Beryl Bearman.
Poems for Young Judaeans
(4th ed ition ) . N. Y., Young Judaea, 1925, pp. 52;
The Source of Strength (sel.), trans. by Philip Raskin; The Prophet’s
Last Word, trans. by Samuel Roth.
The Standard Book of Jewish Verse,
by Joseph Friedlander, ed. by George
Alexander Kohut. N. Y., Dodd, Mead and Co., 1917, pp. 660-662.
On the Massacre; God and His Martyrs (fragment from In the City
of Slaughter, trans. by H. F ran k ) .
Zionism: Problems and Views,
ed. Paul Goodman and Arthur D, Lewis.
London, T . Fisher Unwin, 1916, pp. 43-47.
Surely the People is Grass, trans. by Nina Salaman.
American Hebrew
135:15 (Aug. 24, 1934) —Bialik’s Last Testament, from talk at farewell
supper before leaving Palestine for Vienna.
149:22 (Oct. 10, 1941) —The Last Word (In Prophetic V e in ) , trans. by
Henry Goodman.
VI:5 (Nov. 1948) —Summon the Serpents, trans. by Jacob Sloan.
IX :2 (Feb. 1950) —Revealment and Concealment in Language, reflections
on the nature of literature, trans. by Jacob Sloan.
Contemporary Jewish Record
V II :6 (Dec. 1944) —Halakhah and Aggadah or Law and Lore. No. 12 in
The Cedars of Lebanon, a series of Judaic Essays.
111:9 (July 1945) —The Revival of Jewish Culture in Palestine.
From a speech delivered at Kovno, 1930.
Gates of Zion
IX : 1-2 (Jan. 1955 )—Go, Seer, Flee Thee Away!, trans. by H. Klatzkin.
1:1 (Nov. 1924) —Tuck Me In Under Your Wing, trans. by Leo Auerbach
and Joseph T . Shipley.
1:2 (Dec. 1924 )—The House of Eternity, trans. by Hayim Fineman; T o ­
night I Waited, trans. by Leo Auerbach and Joseph T . Shipley.
Hebrew World
(Histadruth Ivrith of America)
11:1-2 (Summer 1945 )—One By One, trans. by L . V. Snowman.