Page 87 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 17 (1958-1959)

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Menorah Journal
X X : 1 (Spring 1932 )-Am o s .
X XV :3 (Autumn 1937 )—Seeing You, O My People, in Your Impotence,
trans. by “Meshorer.”
National Jewish Post
April 25, 1947—letter to Ahad Ha’am, written aboard ship by the poet
in 1926 after his visit to America, trans. by M. Z. Frank in his column
“New York.”
March 19, 1948—How Then Shall He Fear the Fire, trans. by Wm. P.
Greenfield, in column by Ru th Paller, “Rabbi Quotes Bialik to Hearten
Fighters for Strong U. S. Judaism.”
New Palestine
VI (May 2, 1924) —Work, Sanctity and Unity.
Address to directors and chief workers of Tarbu th , reproduced from
notes supplied from memory by Abraham Goldberg.
VIII (April 8, 1925) —Statement on Inauguration of the Hebrew Univer­
sity (e x tra c t) .
I X (Dec. 11, 1925 )—Message of Greeting to United Palestine Appeal.
X (Feb. 5, 1926) —Bialik Issue, on the occasion of the poet’s visit to Amer­
ica. Contains Th e Last Word, trans. by Marie Syrkin, and I Sowed My Sighs
and My Spark, from L. V. Snowman’s “Poems From the Hebrew.”
X (Feb. 12, 1926) —Message to American Jewry, following the poet’s a r ­
rival on Feb. 9; From the Heights, Bialik’s first American address at Mecca
Temple on Feb. 10.
X (April 16, 1926) - I f Not Now -When?
Statement concerning Jewish education.
X (April 30, 1926 )—Bialik Appeals for Tree Planting Campaign.
Letter to Jewish teachers and educators in the U. S.
X (May 7, 1926) - “Dvir” and “Moriah.”
A resume of the growth and development of these publishing houses
and their influence on Hebrew literature.
X I I (Jan. 7, 1927) —T o Achad Ha’am, trans. by Maurice Samuel.
X IV (May 4, 1928) - T h e Chalutz, address.
X X I I (March 18, 1932) —Errors of Zionist Propaganda, from a recent
lecture in Jerusalem.
XXV II (Oct. 8, 1937) —The Stature of a People, address on the occasion
of the 25th anniversary of the Jewish National Fund.
X X X IV (Aug. 18, 1944) —T o His People, trans. from the Yiddish by
Ludwig Lewisohn.
Palestine Review
(Tel Aviv)
111:50 (March 31, 1939) —Redemption in Youth, trans. by Elias M. Epstein.
Palestine Tribune
(Tel Aviv)
1:8 (March 8, 1945 )—Songs of Fury (from “The Flaming Scroll”) trans.
by I. M. Lask.
1:42 (Nov. 15, 1945 )- H e Gazed and Died, trans. by I. M. Lask.
V I:4 (Sept. 1935) —When I Am Dead; Butterfly, trans. by Sholom J . Kahn.
Saturday Review
April 4, 1959—The Painter, trans. by Maurice M. Shudofsky.
Excerpts from an article about Leonid Pasternak.
World Over
X IV :8 (Feb. 6, 1953) —Bialik Issue, containing selections from his poetry,
Knight of Onions and Knight of Garlic, a folk-tale in verse adapted by Morris
Epstein, as well as a listing of Bialik material that appeared in previous
issues. For further items, see “ ‘World Over’ as a Curriculum Resource, an
Index to World Over Magazines (1940-1951),” prepared by Edward A. Nudel-
man, N. Y., Jewish Education Committee, 1957.