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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
1 3 6
June: 2, Shlomo Zemach; 11, Mordecai M. Kaplan; 14, Judah
Leib Margolis; 15, David L. Meckler, Siegbert Neufeld; 20,
Robert Weltsch.
N a tiona l Jewish M on th ly;
1, Bernhard Beer; 3, Israel Po-
rath; 11, Sir Leon Simon; 13, Hermann Adler; 30, Solomon
August: 4, Nima H. Adlerblum; 7, Shmuel Dayan; 21, Joseph
Derenbourg; 30, Morris Jastrow, Jr.;
D ie N euzeit.
September: 3, Harry Sacher; 15, Moshe Yaakob Ben-Gavriel,
Hans Kohn; 18, Yehudah Burla.
October: 16, David Ben-Gurion.
November: 2, Akiba Eger; 5, James K. Gutheim; 10, Jacob Ham-
burger; 11, Osias Thon; 13, Harry Torczyner; 23, Leopold
December: 13, Isaac Rosengarten; 24, Solomon A. Birnbaum,
Jacob Leveen; 28, Ludwig Philippson; 30, Joseph Reider.
Alphabet ical List
zek iel
bram sk y
75th birthday. Born in Grodno, Russia,
1886. For many years a member of the London
Bet D in ,
he now
lives in Jerusalem. His major work is a commentary on the
Tosefta, still in progress.
erm a n n
50th anniversary of death. Born in Hannover,
Germany, May 30, 1839, died in London, July 13, 1911. Succeed-
ing his father as chief rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations
of the British Empire, he published collections of his sermons and
also wrote several studies on English Jewish history.
im a
d l e r b l um
70th birthday. Born in Jerusalem, August
4, 1891. Coming to the United States as a child, she has written
extensively in the field of Jewish philosophy, covering both the
medieval and modern periods.
ernh ard
100th anniversary of death. Born in Dresden,
Germany, July 20, 1801, died there July 1, 1861. A lay preacher
and reader in his community, his sermons were published, these
being the first German sermons to be preached in Dresden.
o she
e n
avr ie l
b i r th d a y . B o r n i n V i e n n a ,
S e p t em b e r
15, 1891.
Z io n i s t j o u r n a l i s t , w r i t in g b o t h in G e rm a n
a n d H e b r e w , h e n o w l iv e s in J e r u s a l em w h e r e h e h a s b e e n c o n -
t r ib u t i n g m a n y sh o r t s t o r i e s to t h e H e b r e w p r e ss .
e n
u r io n
75th birthday. Born in Plonsk, Poland,
October 16, 1886. An early settler in Palestine who rose to leader-
ship of the Zionist labor movement and eventually became the
first prime minister of Israel, his political activity has been re­