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ie n e r
— J
ew ish
nn iver sar ies
1 3 7
fleeted in numerous articles and speeches, published several times
in collected form.
o lom o n
ir n b a u m
70th birthday. Born in Vienna, De-
cember 24, 1891.
Yiddish philologist who has taught at aca-
demic institutions in Hamburg and in London, he translated
German works into Yiddish and some Yiddish works into German.
An Englsh publication of his was
The L ife and Sayings of the
Baal Shem.
h il ip
l a c k m a n
80th birthday. Born in Friedrichstadt, Cour-
land, Russia, January 16, 1881. An outstanding Jewish educator
in England, he has written text-books for beginners in Hebrew
and Yiddish and has published a Mishnah edition with English
translation and commentary.
e h u d ah
u r l a
75th birthday. Born in Jerusalem, September
18, 1886. The first important Hebrew novelist of Sephardic des-
cent, his works present the life and problems of his community in
Palestine and in other parts of the Near East. He has received
the Bialik prize for literature from the city of Tel Aviv.
a h a n
a h a n
. 80th birthday. Born in Slutzk, Rus-
sia, May 28, 1881. One of the outstanding modern Hebrew poets
who has lived in Israel for over 20 years, his poetic as well as his
prose and dramatic works are characterized by romanticism and
a mystical search for God. He has been the recipient of several
literary prizes in Israel.
h ro n ica
sra el ita
100th anniversary. A Greek monthly pub-
lished in Corfu 1861-1863, it was one of the few Jewish periodicals
appearing in that language.
h m u e l
a y a n
70th birthday. Born in Zaskov, Russia, August
7, 1891. An early settler in Palestine who rose to leadership of
the cooperative movement and became a member of the Knesset,
he has written about the history of several colonies.
o seph
erenbo urg
150th anniversary of birth. Born in May-
ence, Germany, August 21, 1811, died in Ems, Germany, July 29,
1895. A professor of Hebrew at a French college, his works in-
elude studies on the geography of Palestine based on rabbinic
sources, and an edition of the works of Saadiah.
k iba
200th anniversary of birth. Born in Eisenstadt,
Hungary, November 2, 1761, died in Posen, Prussia, October 12,
1837. From 1815 until his death, he was rabbi in Posen at a time
when the first stirrings of the Reform movement were felt, a point
of view which he rejected, as evidenced in his numerous halachic
writings. Nevertheless, his mind was not closed to modern ideas,
since he raised many pupils who became the vanguard of modern
Jewish scholarship in Germany.