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K i e v — A m e r i c a n J e w i s h N o n - F i c t i o n B o o k s
Jewish music, particularly on the “sacred bridge” and the
cantillation of the synagogue, show what an important contribu-
tion Jews have made to religious music.
The annual publications of corporate scholarly research en-
rich the record. The results of untiring and fruitful research are
evidenced in the
Hebrew Union College Annual
and the
Book Annual
, in the
Publication of the American Jewish His-
torical Society
and in the
Proceedings of the American Academy
for Jewish Research
, as in the
American Jewish Year Book
the yearbooks of the rabbinical bodies.
The noticeable increase of inexpensive paperback editions of
standard Jewish works will undoubtedly lead to a greater in-
terest in books hitherto limited to students and people specially
concerned with scholarship. This list should on the whole be of
enormous value to the intelligent reader and to the chronicler
of Jewish intellectual growth in this hemisphere.
b e l s o n
, A
l t e r
Helen and Shulamith. New York, Whittier, 1959. 254 p.
Rabbi Abelson’s collection of poems covers a range of biblical and
Jewish themes.
d l e r
, J
o s h u a
The philosophy of Judaism. New York, Philosophical, 1960.
160 p.
Survey of the sociological and cultural aspects of Judaism in the
modern world.
f n a n
, R
u h i
The great prophets. New York, Philosophical, 1960. 450 p.
History and basic teachings of the major Western religions: Judaism,
Zoroastrianism, Christianity and Mohammedanism.
g u s
, J
B. The evolution of Jewish thought from Biblical times to the
opening of the modern era. New York, Abelard-Schuman, 1959. 443 p.
A comprehensive survey of the significant philosophical and theo-
logical ideas in Judaism through the ages.
l t m a n n
, A . ,
t e in
, S . M .
Isaac Israeli: a neoplatonic philosopher.
New York, Oxford, 1958. 252 p.
American Jewish year book: vol. 61, 1961. Edited by Morris Fine and
Milton Himmelfarb. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society; New
York, American Jewish Committee, 1960. 474 p.
The annual reference work contains surveys on Jewish life in the
United States and in countries all over the world.
p p l e b a u m
, M
o rto n
M .
What everyone should know about Judaism:
answers to questions most frequently asked about Judaism. Foreword
by John Haynes Holmes. New York, Philosophical Library, 1959. 87 p.
The rabbi of Temple Israel in Akron, Ohio, explains many facets
of Jewish thought and life.
v n e r
Memoirs of an assassin. Trans, from the French by Burgo
Partridge. New York, Yoseloff, 1959. 199 p.
A member of the Stern gang describes some of the assassinations in
which he participated. The translator says that Avner is now living
in exile in Paris.
ad i
, J
o s e p h
Religion in Israel today: the relations between state and
religion. New York, Bookman Associates, 1960. 144 p.
An examination of the present conflict between religion and state in
Israel, presenting reform procedures and policies designed to pave the
way for some working agreement between the disputing orthodox and
non-orthodox elements.