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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
e u t s c h e r
, I
sa a c
The prophet unarmed: Trotsky: 1921-1929. New York,
Oxford University Press, 1959. 490 p.
The second volume of a trilogy describing the thwarting of Trotsky’s
attempts to turn his talents to economic and political reconstructions,
and his decline and fall.
ia m o n d
, M
L. Martin Buber: Jewish existentialist. New York,
Oxford University Press, 1960. 240 p.
An introduction to the religious thinking of Martin Buber evaluated
in a comparison witih Kierkegaard and Niebuhr.
o b s c h u t z
, E
r n s t
v o n
The influence
o f
the Bible on civilization. New
York, Ungar, 1959. 190 p.
First published in 1914.
, J
o h n
Prophets, idols and diggers. Indianapolis, Bobbs-Merrill,
1960. 518 p.
p s t e i n
, I
s id o r e
historical presentation. Baltimore, Penguin,
1959. 349 p.
An evaluation of the heritage and aspirations and the major teachings
of the Torah and Judaism presented against the background of world
history and civilization.
p s t e i n
, M
e l e c h
The Jew and communism: the story of early communist
victories and ultimate defeats in the Jewish community, U.S.A., 1919-
1941. New York, Trade Union Sponsoring Committee, 1959. 438 p.
p s t e i n
, M
o r r is
A pictorial treasury of Jewish holidays and customs. New
York, Ktav, 1959. 200 p.
A comprehensive and profusely illustrated explanation of Jewish
holidays and customs.
e d e r b u s h
, S
im o n
ed. World Jewry today. New York, Yoseloff. 1959.
747 p.
Guide to the social, religious, political, educational and welfare
organizations of each communitiy. It also gives population facts and
figures, a list of community leaders, and a concise history of each
e l d m a n
, A
br a h am
J. The American Jew. New York, Bloch, 1959. 52 p.
The European backgrounds of various Jewish communities are sur-
veyed in the emergence of the American Jew.
in e g a n
, J
a c k
Light from the ancient past: the archaeological background
of Judaism and Christianity. Princeton, Princeton University Press,
1959. 638 p. 2nd edition.
Includes material on recent excavations and new studies, documents
and researches.
l e x n e r
, A
b r a h a m
Abraham Flexner: an autobiography. New York,
Simon & Schuster, 1960. 302 p.
The story of an American who helped to distribute millions of dollars
for education and research, as advisor to the Rockefeller Foundation
and as head of the Institute for Advanced Study.
r a n k
, A
n n e
The works of Anne Frank. Introduction by Ann Birstein
and Alfred Kazin. New York, Doubleday, 1959. 332 p.
Personal reminiscences, formal essays and attempts at adult fiction
are included, along with the now famous “Diary” in this complete
collection of the works of Anne Frank. With a sensitive introduction
by the editors.
r a n k f u r t e r
, F
e l ix
Felix Frankfurter reminisces: recorded in talks with
Harlan B. Phillips. New York, Reynal, 1960. 310 p.
This volume in the oral history project of Columbia University con-
tains a chapter on Zionism, by the Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.