Page 161 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 18

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1. E.
K ie v — A m e r i c a n J e w i s h N o n - F i c t i o n B o o k s
r e u n d
E. D. Crusader for light. Julius R. Friedlander. Philadelphia,
Dorrance, 1960.
A descendant of the “founder of the Overbrook School for the Blind,
1832” (subtitle) gives a brief account of his dedicated career and
pioneer work in the education of the handicapped.
r ie dm a n
, M
a u r ic e
S. Martin Buber: the life of dialogue. New York
Harper, 1960. 312 p. (paperback)
a r t n e r
, L
P. The Jewish immigrant in England 1870-1914. Detroit,
Wayne State University, 1960. 320 p.
e l in
, A
l b e r t
The religion of Israel. Trans, from the French by J. R.
Foster. New York, Hawthorn Books, 1959. I l l p.
A professor at the Grand Seminaire de Lyons surveys Israeli history
and examines Israel’s moral code, its prayers, beliefs in life after death
and concept of the Bible man.
e r s h
, H
These are my people: a treasury of biographies of heroes
of the Jewish spirit from Abraham to Leo Baeck. New York, Behrman,
1959. 408 p.
Brief biographies of 47 famous Jews, including Moses, David, Hillel,
Philo, Maimonides, Louis D. Brandeis, Chaim Weizmann and Albert
l e n n
, J
B. The Bible and modern medicine. New York, Jewish
Forum, 1959. 48 p.
Chapters affirming that new medical scientific discoveries sub-
stantiate the truth of the Mosaic Law.
G lu e c k , N e l s o n . Rivers in the desert: a history of the Negev. New York,
1960. 303
p. (paperback)
A popular edition of the famous archeologist’s description of the
ancient and modern sites of this important region in Israel.
o l d e n
, H
e w i s
plain. Foreword by Carl Sandburg. Cleve-
land, World, 1959. 313 p.
A new volume of reminiscences, wit and fresh observations on con״
temporary life, by the editor of the
Carolina Israelite.
o l d e n t h a l
, L
e o n
Toil and triumph. New York, Pageant, 1960. 289 p.
A biography of Morris Rosenfeld, American Yiddish poet.
o l dm a n
, L
a z a r u s
o r r i s
The history of the Jews in New Zealand. New
York, Heineman, 1960. 272 p.
Readable historical survey of Jewry in New Zealand set against the
background of the country’s colonization and development.
o l dm a n
, S
o lo m o n
From slavery to freedom. New York, Abelard-Schu-
man, 1959. 751 p.
Introduction and commentary on the Book of Exodus.
o l d n e r
, S
a n f o r d
Perspectives of American Jewish Life. Los Angeles,
Ward Ritchie, 1959. 151 p.
A sociological survey of Jewish cultural activities in the United States.
o l d s c h m id t
, R
ic ha r d
B. In and out of the ivory tower: the autobiography
of Richard B. Goldschmidt. Seattle, University of Washington Press
1959. 320 p.
The life story of a German-Jewish geneticist, who came to the U.S.
as a refugee from Nazism in the 1930’s and taught at the University
of California.
o l d s t e in
, H
erb ert
S. Between the lines of the Bible: a modern com-
mentary on the 613 commandments. New York, Crown, 1959. 349 p.
A commentary on the laws of Torah giving a modern orthodox inter-
pretation of the commandments.