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I. E.
K i e v —A m e r i c a n J e w i s h N o n - F i c t i o n B o o k s
, M
iv ia n
Europe and the Jews: the pressure of Christendom
on the people of Israel for 1900 years. Introduction by Thomas Sugrue.
New preface by Walter Kaufmann. Boston, Beacon, 1960. 352 p.
First published in 1950 under the title
The Foot of Pride.
Hebrew Union College annual: vol. 30. Elias L. Epstein, editor. Cincinnati,
Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, 1959. 285, 14 p.
Studies in Isaiah, Biblical and Rabbinic texts and in Jewish history.
erb erg
, W
il l
Protestant, Catholic, Jew:
a n
essay in American religious
sociology. New edition, completely revised. Garden City, Doubleday,
1960. 309 p. (paperback)
Herzl year book: essays in Zionist history and thought: vol. 2. Edited by
Raphael Patai. New York, Herzl Press, 1959. 253 p.
Includes 11 studies dealing with various aspects of the history of
Zionism and Zionist philosophy.
e s c h e l
, A
br a h am
o s h u a
God in search of man: a philosophy of
Judaism. New York, Meridian, 1959. 437 p. (paperback)
ir s c h
, S
am s o n
a p h a e l
The nineteen letters on Judaism. New York.
Feldheim, 1960. 144 p.
The exposition of orthodox theology originally translated into English
by Bernard Drachman. Newly revised by Jacob Breuer.
o e s s
, R
u d o l f
Commandant at Auschwitz. Cleveland, World, 1959.
285 p.
The autobiography of Himmler’s deputy who commanded the ex-
termination camp where the Nazis murdered two million people from
1941 to 1943.
o l l ey
C .
a r o l y n
Pictorial profile of the holy land. Westwood,
N. J., Revell, 1959. 248 p.
o n ig
, E
d w i n
The Gazabos: forty-one poems. New York, Clarke & Way,
1959. 57 p.
o row it z
, E
dw a r d
. H
the Hebrew language grew. New York, Jewish
Education Committee, 1960. 343 p.
A popular introduction to the history of the development of the
Hebrew language.
a k o bo v it s
, I
m m a n u e l
Jewish medical ethics: a comparative and his-
torical study of the Jewish religious attitude to medicine and its
practice. New York, Philosophical, 1959. 381 p.
Traces the development of Jewish views on medico-moral problems
from ancient to contemporary times.
a s t r o w
, J
o s e p h
Freud: his dream and sex theories (original title: The
house that Freud built). New York, Pocket Books, 1959. 290 p.
e r m a n
B. R. The young Disraeli. Princeton, Princeton University Press,
1960. 336 p.
A biography based on the examination of papers at Disraeli’s home
describing his early literary career and the people who influenced him.
Jewish book annual: vol. 17. 5720 (1959-60). Edited by A. Alan Steinbach.
New York, Jewish Book Council of America, 1959. 186 p.
Surveys of Jewish literature together with bibliographies of books
published in the United States and abroad.
o s e p h u s
, F
l a v iu s
The Jewish war. Trans, from the Latin with an
introduction by G. A. Williamson. Baltimore, Penguin, 1959. 411 p.
a h n
, S
h l o m o
From twilight to dawn: the traditional Pessach Hagadah.
New York, 1960. 158 p.
A new English translation, full Hebrew text and commentary.