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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
a l l e n
H o ra c e M ey er . The book of Job as a Greek tragedy. Introduction
by the late Prof. George Foote Moore. New York, H ill & Wang,
189 p.
A novel discussion of the data that the Biblical book of Job is to
all intents and purposes a Greek tragedy written in Hebrew, but
modeled after Euripides.
a p l a n
, M
ordeca i
M . A
new Zionism: 2nd enlarged edition. New York,
Herzl Press, 1959. 190 p.
Revised to include a chapter on the reasons for a greater Zionism.
The new material is based on an address delivered at the convention
of the Zionist Organization of America in October, 1958.
--------- . The greater Judaism in the making: a study of the modern evolu-
tion of Judaism. New York, Reconstructionist, 1960. 565 p.
The modern development of traditional, conservative and reform
Judaism and Zionism analyzed from the Reconstructionist point of view.
a u f m a n n
, Y
e h e z k e l
The religion of Israel: from its beginnings to the
Babylonian Exile. Translation and abridgement by Moshe Greenberg.
Chicago, Chicago University Press, 1960.
An abridged translation of the famous Israeli scholars work on the
composition and development of religious thought in the Bible.
im c h e
, J
o n
av id
A clash of destinies. New York, Praeger, 1960.
Private records of British officers in Palestine. Secret Arab documents
and minutes of the Arab League were examined for this review of the
Arab-Israeli war.
l e im a n
, S
a u l
Of the past and of the present. New York, Shengold,
1959. 106, 42 p.
Essays on Jewish scholarly topics in English and Hebrew by a teacher
for many years in the Talmud Torah of Kansas City, Mo.
l e in
, J
o s e p h
The Jewish religious calendar. Worcester, Achilles St.
Onge, 1959. 96 p.
A miniature book on the history of the customs celebrated during the
Jewish year.
o h n
, E
u g e n e
Good to be a Jew. New York, Reconstructionist, 1960.
180 p.
Essays on the universal aspects of Jewish values as lived in the
Jewish home and the community, and as found in Jewish culture and
u t z ik
, A
l fr ed
J. Social work and Jewish values: basic areas of con-
sonance and conflict. Washington, Public Affairs Press, 1959. 101 p.
An analysis of the aims and purposes of Jewish social service
, W
ill iam
a n f o r d
Great personalities of the Old Testament.
Westwood, N. J., Revell, 1959. 192 p.
a za ro n
, M
orr is
S. Bridges not walls. New York, Citadel, 1959. 191 p.
A rabbi’s essays on good will among the faiths of the western world.
e i s h m a n
, T
h o m a s
i n t o n
Our ageless Bible: from early manuscripts
to modern versions. New York, Nelson, 1960. 158 p.
ev i
, P
r im o
If this is a man. Trans, from the Italian by Stuart Woolf.
New York, Orion, 1959. 206 p.
An Italian Jew, who was captured by the Fascist militia in 1943,
interned because of partisan activity, turned over to the Nazis and
shipped to Auschwitz, tells of the suffering there.
ev i
, S
h o n ie
B., and
a p l a n
, S
y l v ia
Across the threshold. New York,
Farrar, Straus & Cudahy, 1959. 258 p.
A guide for religious observance in the home for Jewish women.