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I. E.
K i e v — A m e r i c a n J e w i s h N o n - F i c t i o n B o o k s
e v in e
, I
o n
The mind of an assassin. New York, Farrar, Straus
& Cudahy, 1959. 249 p.
A detailed account of the plans which led to the assassination of
the exiled communist Leon Trotsky. The author theorizes about the
true identity of the assassin and examines the psychological workings
of his mind.
e v in e
, J
a c k
Teachers and kings. A portfolio of six paintings. New York,
Graphic Society, 1959.
e v in e
, R
a p h a e l
H. Israel; a frank appraisal. Seattle, McCaffery, 1959.
141 p.
A reform rabbi5s account of a visit to Israel based on articles
originally written for the local newspaper.
i t w in
, B
a r u c h
ed. The sanctity of the synagogue. New York, Traditional
Educational Association, 1959. 443, 90 p.
The case of
mehi tzah,
physical separation between men and women
in the synagogue, on the grounds of halachah, history and psychology
from sources old and new, with the Hebrew responsa on the question,
as it related to Mt. Clemens, Michigan, controversy.
it v in o f f
, B
a r n e t
The story of David Ben-Gurion. New York, Oceana,
1960. 160 p.
A very simply written biography of the Israeli leader from his child-
hood in Poland to the present.
a u t n e r
r ic
Doctor in Bolivia. New York, Chilton, 1960. 331 p. X
The personal experiences of a Viennese refugee physician as a public
health officer in the Bolivian jungle.
ed ico
, H
e n r i
nr ico
d e l
The riddle of the scrolls. New York, McBride,
1959. 432 p.
The author, an authority on hieroglyphic inscriptions and ancient
texts, presents his views on the date, source, meaning and significance
of the Dead Sea Scrolls. He feels the scrolls are fragments of first
century writings which were hidden away because of their unorthodox
or imperfect content.
e y e r
, L
e w i s
Preposterous Papa. Cleveland, World, 1959. 214 p.
Affectionate account of his expansive amazing father who settled in
Sapulpa, Okla., in 1906 and built a house of worship pleasing to
orthodox and reform Jews.
il l e y
o s s
The prophets of Israel. New York, Philosophical, 1960.
143 p.
o n t e f io r e
, C
la u d e
G., and
o e w e
, H
erb ert
M .
A Rabbinic anthology.
Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society, 1960. 853 p.
A topical anthology of quotations from Talmudic and Midrashic
literature with introductions by both editors and comments on each
o w in c k e l
, S
ig m u n d
The Old Testament as word of God. Nashville,
Abingdon, 1959. 160 p.
The literary and religious value of the Hebrew Bible.
u rray
, K
a t h e r in e
o f f m a n
, B
e t ty
a n a h
My husband, Arthur
Murray. New York, Simon & Schuster, 1960.
A biography of the organizer of dance studios.
y e r s
, E
r n e s t
R. Modern problems and creation; an analysis of the Bible
philosophy of the cycles of life. New York, Exposition, 1959. 211 p.
A discussion of contemporary problems in the light of original