Page 175 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 18

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r ipk e
— A
m e r ica n
ew ish
u v e n il e
p s l e r
, A
l f r e d
Northwest pioneer: the story of Louis Fleischner. Illus.
by Morton Garchik. New York, Farrar, Straus and Cudahy; Phila-
delphia, Jewish Publication Society
( Covenant books) ,
1960. 180 p.
The adventure-packed biography of an immigrant Jew who went
West in the nineteenth century, (ages 13-15)
o r u c h
, B
e h n
The coat of many colors: the story of Joseph. Illus. by
Bernard Springsteel. New York, Hebrew Publishing Co., 1959.
The story of Joseph, simply told and illustrated in bright color,
(ages 5-8)
r o n s t e in
, C
h a r l o t t e
Tales of the Jewish holidays. Illus. by Art
Seiden. New York, Behrman House, 1959. 46 p.
The Jewish holidays, their origin, manner of celebration, and
relationship to the lunar calendar. Good text and pleasant illustra-
tions. (ages 4-8)
h a n o v e r
, H
y m a n
u s m a n
, E
v e l y n
A book of prayer for junior
congregations. For the Sabbath and holidays. New York, United
Synagogue Commission on Jewish Education, 1959. 256 p.
The traditional service, reduced in length, language, and concept,
and related to the child’s world, so that the basic messages of Jewish
prayer stand out clearly. Reverent in tone, sensitive and artistic in
both translation and original material. A valuable experience in
prayer, (ages 10-12)
h a r l e s
, F
red a
The mystery of the missing chalah. Illus. by Lil Gold-
stein. New York, Jonathan David, 1959.
A story with child-appeal enhanced by enchanting, action-packed
illustrations in color, (ages 5-9)
h ie l
, K
in n e r e t
The complete book of Hanukkah. Illus. by Arnold
Lobel. New York, Friendly House, 1959. 108 p.
A variety of materials on the holiday: stories, history, prayers,
poems, recipes, oddities, etc. (ages 9-14)
D e
o ng
, M
e in d e r t
The mighty ones. Illus. by Harvey Schmidt. New
York, Harper and Brothers, 1959. 282 p.
People of the Bible, from Adam to David, portrayed with rich
imagination, rare insights, and unusual realism. The Christian frame
of reference of the author is slight—but present. Newbery prize
winner, (ages 12-17)
i s e n b e r g
, A
z r ie l
Voices from the past. Illus. by Laszlo Matulay. New
York, Abelard-Schuman, 1959. 160 p.
The stories of seventeen fascinating archeological discoveries which
involve the Bible or its times, (ages 13-15)
p s t e i n
, M
o r r is
All about Jewish holidays and customs. Illus. by Arnold
Lobel. New York, Ktav, 1959. 128 p.
A readable and attractive book on the holidays, the life cycle, the
synagogue and various related subjects, (ages 9-12)
--------- . A pictorial treasury of Jewish holidays and customs. New York,
Ktav, 1959. 200 p.
Text is identical with above volume except for omission of biblio-
graphy and one chapter. Exciting photographs are added, (ages 9-12)
e r s h
, H
These are my people: a treasury of biographies of heroes
of the Jewish spirit from Abraham to Leo Baeck. New York, Behrman
House, 1959. 408 p.
Moving and dramatic stories of forty-six “molders and exemplars
of the Jewish spirit” told in live and vigorous and human terms,
(ages 13 and up)
id al
, S
o n ia
My village in Israel. Photographs by Tim Gidal. New York,
Pantheon, 1959. 76 p.
A warm, natural, and honest picture of life in a
K i bbu t z
as seen
through the eyes of a young boy. (ages 9-14)