Page 177 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 18

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r ipk e
— A
m er ica n
ew ish
u v e n il e
a n d m e l
, F
r a n c e s
Fox. All on the team. Illus. by Sylvia Roman. New
York, Abingdon Press, 1959. 126 p.
The teamwork of two families, one Jewish and the other Protestant,
enriches both—and helps the baseball team too. (ages 9-12)
il v e rm a n
, M
e l
Hymie’s fiddle. Illus. by the author. Cleveland, The
World Publishing Co., 1960. 48 p.
The story of a small boy, his sister, and his fiddle, set in New York’s
Lower East Side, (ages 7-10)
, N
. The Purim party. Our first Sukkah. Rosh Hashanah. Yom
Kippur. Happy Purim night. Simhat Torah. Hanukah in my house.
Illus. by Ayala Gordon. New York, United Synagogue Commission on
Jewish Education, 1959.
Seven separate, delightful books introduce the young child to six
holidays. (Two books are on Purim.) Colorful illustrations and at-
tractive format, (ages 4-6)
, E
d it h
sc a r
The illustrated book of Jewish knowledge.
Illus. by Adam Simone. New York, Friendly House, 1959. 127 p.
About one thousand entries in a one-volume encyclopedia of simple,
basic information about Judaism and the Jewish people. Helpful maps,
charts, and color illustrations, (ages 9-12)
The works of Anne Frank: her short stories, essays, and her diary. Intro-
duction by Ann Birstein and Alfred Kazin. Drawings by Peter Spier.
Garden City, Doubleday, 1959. 332 p.
Anne Frank’s
supplemented by her shorter writings which
appear in English for the first time, (ages 14 and up)
a x m a n
, M
e y e r
, I
s h
i s h o r
, S
u l a m it h
l o a n
, J
aco b
Blessed is the
daughter. New York, Shengold Publishers, 1959. 160 p.
A companion volume to Shengold’s
Bar Mi t zvah,
to inform and
inspire the young Jewish girl. Concise, lucid text, reinforced by artistic
photographs, (ages 12-16)
, C
h a r l e s
Passover in song and story. Illus. by Emanuel Schary.
Music edited by Samuel Bugatch. New York, Shulsinger Brothers,
1960. 64 p.
Passover songs as well as stories of the search for leaven and the
Seder added to a vivid telling (with Midrashic additions) of the stories
from Joseph through the Exodus, (ages 6-10)
i s e
, W
il l iam
Albert Einstein: citizen of the world. Illus. by Simon
Jeruchim. New York, Farrar, Straus and Cudahy; Philadelphia, Jewish
Publication Society
( Covenant books) ,
1960. 181 p.
A vigorous and compelling biography of the scientist that will delight
and reward the young reader, (ages 12-15)