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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
They included in their program songs, old and new, Israeli
dances, recitations from literature, and a talk by Professor
Joseph Cohen of the Tulane University of Louisiana in New
Orleans. In accordance with the now established practice,
Th e
Jewish Chronicle
issued a special
Book Week Supp lemen t
on the
occasion of the Week, and in this connection it is worthy of
special note that the South African monthly
Jewish Affairs,
inaugurating its first Jewish Book Month on the American and
English pattern, devoted a special issue to the Jewish Book.
From the major, as well as the minor, departures from the
traditional plan of the Jewish Book Week, it is clear that Anglo-
Jewry’s interest in the Jewish Book remains healthy and alert.
Thanks to this lively interest, British Jewry can look back on a
year fruitful in literary output and stimulated by cultural ac-
b i n u m
, E
l ie z er
, P
a po
, J
o s e p h
e i z e n s t e i n
, F
r a n z
Sephardie. Introduction by O. Camhy. London, Vallentine, Mitchell
for the World Sephardi Federation, 1959. 113 p.
Sephardi songs for home and congregational use.
n d e r s o n
, G
i s h a r t
. A
critical introduction to the Old Testament.
London, Duckworth, 1959. 260 p. (
Studies in theo logy )
u e r b a c h
, S
ieg fr ied
M., comp. The descendants of Moritz Lowenthal of
Ladenberg. London, Perry Press Publications Ltd., 1959. 72 p.
A genealogical record of the descendants of the compiler’s great-
grandfather, 1786-1879.
a iracl i
, J
u l ie t t e
d e
Summer in Galilee. London, Faber, 1959.
216 p. 15 plates.
A book, by one who professes no religion, describing two summers
spent in Galilee.
e n
u r io n
, D
a v id
Rebirth and destiny of Israel. Edited and trans. from
the Hebrew under the supervision of Mordekai Nurock. London, Yos-
eloff, 1959. 539 p.
A volume of collected speeches and essays demonstrating Ben-Gurion’s
faith and philosophy.
e n t w ic h
, N
o rm a n
a t t o s
] .
Solomon Schechter (1847-1915):
scholar, sage and visionary. London, Hillel Foundation, 1959. 27 p.
{Makers of modern Jewish history series, edit ed by Isaac L evy
n o . l )
---------. The religious foundations of internationalism: a study in inter-
national relations through the ages. 2nd ed. with additional chapter.
London, Allen & Unwin, 1959 (i.e. 1960). 304 p.
---------. The Jews in our time. Harmondsworth, Penguin Book, 1960. 176 p.
{Pelican books)
An examination showing the Jewish contribution to the political,
economic, intellectual and social life of contemporary times, and the
impact of the State of Israel on world Jewry.
---------. The new-old land of Israel. London, George Allen & Unwin, 1960.
157 p.
e r l in
, S
s a ia h
The life and opinions of Moses Hess: the Lucien Wolf
memorial lecture delivered in London, December 1957. Cambridge,
published for the Jewish Historical Society of England by Heffer, 1959.
49 p.
{Lucien Wol f Memor ia l lectures