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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
p p l e r
, E
l iz a b e t h
E . ,
comp. Jewish education in the Diaspora: catalogue
of an exhibition presented on the occasion of Jewish Book Week, 1960.
London, World Jewish Congress, British Section, 1960. 16 p.
a s t
, H
ow ard
e l v in
] .
Moses, prince of Egypt. London, Methuen, 1958.
310 p.
An historical novel about Moses’ youth, upbringing and activities in
adult life.
e ierb erg
, M
ordeca i
e e v
Whither? Trans, from the Hebrew by Ira
Eisenstein. New York and London, Abelard-Schuman, 1959. 136 p.
A novel, set in a Polish town, recalling the age-old struggle for
Jewish existence and survival.
r a e n k e l
, J
o s e p h
ed. Guide to the Jewish libraries of the world. London,
World Jewish Congress, 1959. 64 p.
r a e n k e l
, J
o s e f
Louis D. Brandeis (1856-1941), patriot, judge and
Zionist. London, Hillel Foundation, 1959. 24 p. (
Makers of modern
Jewish history series, edit ed by Isaac L evy
no. 2 )
r a n k
, A
n n e
The diary of Anne Frank. Slightly abridged ed. London,
Hutchinson, 1960. 224 p. (
Unicorn books, ed i ted by James R e ev e s
r e e m a n
, G
il l ia n
The story of Albert Einstein. London, Vallentine,
Mitchell, 1960. 160 p. (
Famous Jews series)
A biography written especially for young readers.
r i t s c h
, C
h a r l e s
h eo d o r e
Genesis. London, S.C.M. Press, 1960. 127 p.
Layman’s Bible commentar ies)
a r in
, M
ic h a e l
The adventures of two sabras. Photographs by Paul Gold-
man. Drawings by Rafi Kamp. Tel Aviv, Yessod Ltd., 1959. 80 p.
Two young sabras see various kinds of life in Israel: on a farm,
with the army, in the desert, on a ship, at a harbor, etc. Interesting
text, in Hebrew and English, for young children.
e l in
, A
l b e r t
The religion of Israel. Trans, from the French by J. R.
Foster. London, Burns & Oates, 1959. 112 p. (
Fai th and fac t books
no. 65)
o er t z
, L
i s a
I stepped into freedom. London, Lutterworth Press, 1960.
82 p.
The personal narrative of a woman born to German-Jewish parents,
who was baptised, came to England, returned to Germany to work in
D.P. camps, and is now resident in Birmingham.
r o l l en b er g
, L
u c a s
e n d r ic u s
[ A
n t o n i u s
] .
Shorter atlas of the Bible.
Trans, from the Dutch by Mary F. Hedlund. Edinburgh, London,
Nelson, 1959. 196 p. Illustrations, color plates, maps.
Hagadah for Passover: containing a revision of the Hebrew text according
to a ms. written in the year
5374, by the celebrated grammarian
Rabbi Shabsi Sofer of Przemslow, also a valuable commentary copied
from a ms. of the well-known Rabbi Jonathan Eybeshuetz . . . com-
piled by the late Rev. B. Spiers. London, Olive, 1959. 96 p.
An edition containing parallel Hebrew and English texts.
a l p e r n
, J
o s e p h
History of our people in Bible times. Fourth edition fully
revised. London, Shapiro, Vallentine and Company, 1959. 360 p.
A new edition of a Bible history widely used in Anglo-Jewish religion
e im l e r
, E
u g e n e
Night of the mist. Trans, from the Hungarian ms. by
Andre Ungar. London, Bodley Head, 1959. 192 p.
A book by a Jewish social worker, now resident in London, recalling
his youth in Hungary and his war-time experiences in Auschwitz, and
describing particularly vividly various fellow inmates in the camp.