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e h m a n n
— A
ew ish
i r s c h
, S
a m s o n
a p h a e l
The Pentateuch. Trans, and explained by
Samson Raphael Hirsch. Rendered into English by Isaac Levy. Vol. 1:
Genesis. London, 1959. 688 p.
The translation is prefaced by a scholarly “Introduction to the First
English edition of Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch’s commentary on the
Torah” by Dayan I. Grunfeld, of the London Bet Din.
u m a n a
, C
h a r l e s
pseud, (i.e. Charles Jacobs) .
Looking in, looking out.
London, Collins, 1960. 256 p.
A novel set in modern Israel.
Irish Jewish Year Book 5720 (1959-1960). Edited by Isaac Cohen. Dublin,
the Chief Rabbinate of Ireland, 1959. 56 p.
A directory of Irish-Jewish communal life, with features on the
newly elected Chief Rabbi and his induction.
Israel Government Year Book. Tel Aviv, Government Printer, 5720 (1959/
60). 1960. 474 p.
The eleventh issue of an annual, containing an article by David Ben-
Gurion on “Israel’s Security and her International Position,” in addi-
tion to the usual information about Israel’s judicature, home affairs,
foreign affairs, etc.
a k o bo v it s
, I
m m a n u e l
Jewish medical ethics: a comparative and his-
torical study of the Jewish religious attitude to medicine and its
practice. New York, Philosophical Library, 1959. 381 p.
A comprehensive study by a past Anglo-Jewish rabbi and Chief
Rabbi of Ireland, originally presented as a thesis at the University
of London.
, L
. The moral values of Judaism. London, Anglo-Jewish Asso-
ciation, 1959. 24 p.
A booklet describing Jewish ethical teachings, commercial ethics,
family life and other questions in the light of traditional Jewish thought.
---------. Jewish values. London, Vallentine, Mitchell, 1960. 160 p.
A collection of twelve essays on religious and ethical topics considered
in the light of Jewish teaching, and showing how the traditional Jewish
views represented in the classical sources can be applied to modern life.
---------. A guide to Rosh Ha-Shanah. London, Jewish Chronicle, 1959. 74 p.
A brief study outlining the history, meaning and liturgy of the
festival, serving as a commentary on the
Mahzor .
e f f r ie s
, I
a n
Thirteen days. London, Cape, 1959. 206 p.
The story of a British soldier in Palestine at the time of the War
of Independence.
Jewish Year Book. London, Jewish Chronicle Publications, 1960 (5720-21).
Edited by Hugh Harris. 1960. 336 p.
A detailed guide to Anglo-Jewry and foreign Jewish communities and
organizations, with a section on Israel and a Who’s Who.
o s e p h u s
The Jewish War. Trans, with an introduction by G. A. Williamson.
Harmondsworth, Penguin Books, 1959. 415 p.
(Penguin classics)
A new English translation of the Jewish classic, designed to appeal
to the general reader.
a h l e
, P
a u l
r n s t
The Cairo Genizah. 2nd ed. Oxford, Blackwell, 1959
370 p.
This edition differs from that published in 1947 in that it contains
information on the recent finds.
am m
, J
o s e p h i n e
Leaders of the people. London, Abelard-Schuman, 1959.
208 p.
Portrayals of famous Jews throughout the ages—from Biblical to
modern times—told for young readers.