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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
2 1 4
--------- . The story of Sir Moses Montefiore. London, Vallentine, Mitchell,
1960. 156 p. (
Famous Jews series)
A biography intended for young readers, of Anglo-Jewry’s greatest
personality of the Victorian era, told against the background of his
e n y o n
, K
a t h l e e n
a r y
Excavations at Jericho: report of the Joint
Expedition of the British School of Archaeology in Jerusalem, the
Palestine Exploration Fund, the British Academy in collaboration with
the American School of Oriental Research in Jerusalem. Vol. 1: The
tombs excavated in 1952-54; with contributions by Elizabeth Crowfoot,
Ann Grosvenor-Ellis,
M .
Ricketts, F. E. Zeuner. London, British School
of Archaeology in Jerusalem, 1960. 583 p. (
British School of Archae-
ology in Jerusalem. Publ icat ions)
a m p e
, D
av id
Pyke, the unknown genius. London, Evans Bros., 1959.
224 p. 12 plates.
, U
. Isaac Rosenberg, 1890-1918: a catalogue of an exhi-
bition held at Leeds University, May-June 1959, together with the
text of unpublished material; the exhibition and catalogue have been
prepared by Jon Silkin and Maurice de Sausmarez. Leeds, Leeds
University, 1959. 36 p.
e f t w i c h
, J
o s e p h
Years following after: poems. London, Clarke, 1959.
157 p.
A collection of poems written during nearly fifty years.
e h m a n n
, R
u t h
P. Jewish Book Week Exhibition 1960-5720: catalogue
of selected books and booklets on the Dead Sea Scrolls. London, Jewish
Memorial Council, 1960. 13 p.
Leo Baeck Institute. Year Book IV (edited by Robert Weltsch). London,
East and West Library, 1959. 380 p.
“Evolution of ideas in German Jewry: an annual collection of essays
on the history and activity of Jews in Germany during the past century.”
e v in
, M
ey e r
Eva. London,
M u l le r ,
1959. 313
p .
The story of a fugitive Polish Jewish girl during the second World
War who was sent to Germany and Auschwitz, which she survived to
end her adventures in Palestine.
The Reverend Nathan Levine, H. C. F. 1890-1958: a memoir. London,
1959. 32 p.
The biography of an Anglo-Jewish minister, together with tributes
paid to him at his death.
L ew ,
aur ice
A . A
Shabbat Prayer Book for young people: with explana-
tory notes and revised translation. Johannesburg,
Rubin, 1959. 84 p.
it v in o f f
, B
a r n e t
. T h e s to ry o f D a v id B e n -G u r io n . L o n d o n , V a l l e n t i n e ,
M i t c h e l l ,
1960. 160 p. (
Famous Jews series)
The story of Israeli Prime Minister told for young readers.
Maccabi Year Book 5720. London, The Central Maccabi Fund, 1959.
A yearbook consisting largely of a review of the past year’s activities.
, G
a r n a b y
, and P
u r d y
, A
l e x a n d e r
o n
v e r s e
. J ew an d G r e ek : tu to r u n to C h r is t ; th e J ew i sh a n d H e l l e n i s t i c
b a c k g r o u n d o f th e
T e s t am e n t . E d in b u r g h ,
A n d r ew ,
1959. 390 p.
M a c L a u r i n , E v a n C o l i n B r i a r c l i f f e .
The Hebrew theocracy in the tenth
to the sixth centuries
B.C. ;
an analysis of the Books of Judges, Samuel,
and Kings. Sydney, London, Angus & Robertson, 1959. 139 p.
a im o n id e s
, A
b r a h a m
Perush Rabbenu Abraham ben ha-Rambam al
Bereshit v-Shemot .
Judaeo-Arabic text, edited from the Bodleian ms.
Hunt. 166, with a Hebrew translation, an introduction and notes
Nehor Sheragha,
by E. J. Wiesenberg, preface by S. D. Sassoon.
Letchworth, 1959. 63, 539 p.