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e h m a n n
- A
ew ish
a n k o w it z
, W
o l f
The Mendelman fire. London, Brown, Watson, 1959.
156 p. (
Digi t books
no. 247 )
e in e r t z h a g e n
, R
ic h a r d
Middle East diary, 1917-1956. London, Cresset
Press, 1959. 376 p.
A personal narrative of a Zionist member of Allenby’s staff, who
worked ceaselessly for the Jewish cause in Palestine.
, M.
Humesh Torah Meirah: Tar gum Onkelos, Rashi v-Mekore Rashi
im Osaf Hadash “Tosafot” . . . Sefer Ri shon: Bereshit-Noah.
Shapiro Vallentine, 1958. 351 p.
e y e r s t e in
, E
dw a r d
il l iam
Some letters of E.
H .
W. Meyer-
stein. Selected, edited and introduced by Roland Watson. London,
Neville Spearman, 1959. 404 p.
A collection revealing the personality of a poet and novelist son of a
Jewish father and non-Jewish mother, who lived the life of a literary
eccentric 1889-1952.
e y s e l s
, T
h eo do r
F. and
e y s e l s
, L
u c ia n
O. Israel in your pocket:
10th anniversary ed. Tel Aviv, Ben-Dor Israel Publishing Co., [London,
Tiranti], 1958. 512 p. Maps.
A guide book to Israel, including personal reminiscences.
, J
a ck ie
(i .e. Dolores Theresa Mogg r idg e ) .
Woman pilot. New
ed. London, Pan Books, 1959. 188 p.
o sc a t i
, S
a b a t in o
The Semites in ancient history: an inquiry into the
settlement of the Beduin and their political establishment. Cardiff,
Wales University Press, 1959. 142 p.
Studies on the origin of the people usually termed “Semite.”
u l l e r
, R
o b e r t
The world that summer. London, Eyre & Spottiswoode,
1959. 223 p.
y e r s
, J
a co b
Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah. London, S. C.
M .
1960. 176 p.
(Layman’s Bible commentaries)
e h a m a
, J
o s e p h
Histoire des Israelites de Salonique. London, World
Sephardi Federation, 1959. 254 p.
Tome v. Periode de stagnation: La tourment sabbateenne (1593-
e h e r
, A
n d r e
Moses and the vocation of the Jewish people. Trans, from
the French by Irene Marinoff. New York, Harper; London, Longmans,
Green, 1959. 192 p.
(Men of wisdom series
no. 7)
A novel study of the origins and development of the Jewish faith,
based on the life and character of Moses, and particularly stressing
his ethical teachings.
e m e n s c h o u s k y
, L
e o n
A day with Alicia Markova. Trans, by Margaret
McGregor. London, Cassell, 1960. 32 p.
ew m a n
J. A guide to Judaism for the young. South African Jewish
Ministers’ Association.
A brief guide to the practice of Judaism, condensing into 14 chapters
the Jewish observances of daily and festival rituals, Kashrut, etc., and
dealing also with the literary heritage of the Jewish people, and its
religious principles and teachings.
---------. Speak unto the Children of Israel: sermons for every Sabbath and
festival of the Jewish year for Jewish children. Johannesburg, 1958.
164 p.
O ’B
a l l a n c e
, E
The Sinai campaign,
1 9 5 6 .
London, Faber,
1 9 5 9 . 2 2 3
A detailed and objective account of the Israeli campaign, written by
a military historian.