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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
2 1 6
s t r o w s k i
, W
ik t o r
Anti-semitism in Byelorussia and its origin: material
for historical research and study of the subject. Revised, arranged and
compiled by Wiktor Ostrowski. London, Byelorussian Central Council,
1960. 77 p.
a r k e s
, J
am e s
il l iam
] .
Some English books interpreting Jews to
Christians. London, Hillel House, Jewish Book Council, 1959. 14 p.
The inaugural lecture for the Sixth Annual Jewish Book Week.
ear l
, C
h a im
A guide to Shavuoth. London, Jewish Chronicle Publica-
tions, 1959. 72 p.
A concise work describing the history, practice and synagogue serv-
ices, and examining also the various approaches to the idea of
The Pentateuch and Haftorahs: Hebrew text, English translation and com-
mentary. Edited by Dr. J. H. Hertz, late Chief Rabbi of the British
Empire. Second edition. London, Soncino Press, 1960. 1067 p.
This edition differs from the original version in that it includes the
for all festivals and fast-days with introductions and notes
thereon as found in the
Soncino Books of the Bible,
edited by A. Cohen.
in n e r
, W
a l t e r
. H
many Arab refugees? a critical study of UNRWA’s
statistics and reports. Foreword by Richard Crossman. London, Mac-
Gibbon &Kee, 1959. 63 p.
A study examining the extent of the Arab problem.
, J
o s h u a
The last Pharisee: the life and times of Rabbi Joshua ben
Hananyah, a first century idealist. Foreword by Robert Graves. London,
Vallentine, Mitchell, 1959. 128 p.
A biography serving also as a study of the Jewish struggle against
Rome in first century Palestine, taking as source material the Talmud
and early Midrashim.
ow e l l
, R
a p h a e l
ed. The principles and practice of Judaism. London,
Hillel Foundation, 1959. 110 p.
Seven essays on aspects of Judaism, designed as a guide to modern
Jewish thinking and practice.
a b in ow ic z
, R
a c h e l
n n e
The land and people of Israel. London,
A .
C. Black, 1959. 96 p. 14 plates. (
Land and people series)
An illustrated survey of every aspect of modern Israeli life written
mainly for young readers.
am a t i
, A
l e x a n d e r
Rebel against the light. London, Eyre & Spottiswoode,
1960. 215 p.
A novel telling the story of the Israeli War of Independence and
showing how the Israelis came to be a united people.
a p p a p o r t
S. Jewish horizons: aspects of Jewish life and thought. Johannes-
burg, B’nai B’rith, 1959. 264, 41 p.
A collection of fifty essays, of which ten are in Hebrew, on different
aspects of Jewish life and thought.
a y n e r
, J
o h n
e sm o n d
The liberal Jewish attitude to the Bible and
rabbinic literature. London, Union of Liberal and Progressive Syna-
gogues, 1959. 20 p. (
Union of Libera l and Progressive Synagogues.
Publicat ions)
A presentation designed as a guide for teachers and parents.
o t h
, C
e c il
A history of the Marranos: 3rd ed. New York, Meridian Books;
Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society of America; London, May-
flower, 1959. 424 p.
A reprint of the standard work by Anglo-Jewry’s leading historian.
---------. The Jews in the Renaissance. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication
Society of America, 1959. 380 p.
A study showing not only the effects of the Jews on the Renaissance,
but also the effects of the Renaissance on the Jews.