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e h m a n n
- A
ew ish
o t h
, C
ec il
ed. The Standard Jewish Encyclopedia. London, W. H. Allen;
New York, Doubleday, 1959. 1007 p.
A reference work on Jews and Judaism containing over 8000 articles,
and enhanced by 600 illustrations and maps, in which over 200
scholars co-operated.
u s s e l l
, D
y m e
Between the Testaments. London,
S .
C. M. Press,
1960. 176 p.
R u s s e l l
o f
L i v e r p o o l , E dw a rd F r ed e r ick L a n g le y R u s s e l l ,
2nd Baron.
I f I fo r g e t t h e e : th e s to r y o f a n a t io n ’s r eb ir th . L o n d o n , C a s s e l l ,
p .
p la t e s .
An acount of the political events leading up to the establishment of
the State of Israel, written by an Anglo-Christian Zionist.
a c h e r
, H
ar r y
Zionist portraits and other essays. London, Blond, 1959.
355 p.
A collection of pen pictures, some originally written for journals, of
Jewish and non-Jewish Zionists, together with studies on general
Jewish topics.
. J
o h n
, R
o b e r t
Ben-Gurion. London, Jarrolds; New York, Doubleday,
1959. 328 p.
A biography showing particularly Ben-Gurion’s work for the State
of Israel during the first decade of its existence.
a m u e l
, M
a u r ic e
Prince of the Ghetto. New York, Meridian Books; Phila-
delphia, Jewish Publication Society of America; London, Mayflower,
1959. 294 p.
a s s o o n
, S .
D., ed.
Sefer Moshab Zekenim Al ha-Torah: Kobe z me-Perushe
Baale Tosafot ve-ad Rishonim.
London, 1959. 527 p.
Published completely for the first time, according to manuscript
Sassoon no. 409.
c h u b e r t
, K
u r t
The Dead Sea community: its origin and teachings.
English translation from the German by John W. Doberstein. London,
Block, 1959. 178 p.
A study by a Roman Catholic scholar treating mainly of the Essene
beliefs and practices against the background of the Dead Sea discoveries
of recent years.
c h w a b
, H
e r m a n n
Isaak Rothenberg: die Geschichte einer Freundschaft.
London, (private circulation), 1959. 37 p. 6 plates.
---------. Mama: das Leben von Dina Schwab, 1881-1955. London, (private
circulation), 1959. 48 p.
c h w a r z
, W
a l t e r
The Arabs in Israel. London, Faber, 1959. 172 p.
16 plates.
A work by a journalist presenting the Arab case, setting out their
grievances and accusations against Israel, but showing also how Arab
and Jew are endeavouring to live together peacefully in Israel.
id e r s k y
, M
o s e s
Sir tutim al Shemoneh Perakim le-Rambam.
1959. 69 p.
Society for Old Testament Study. Book list 1959. Anglesey, Society for
Old Testament Study, 1959. 48 p.
South African Jewish Year Book 1959-1960. Edited by Leon Feldberg. Johan-
nesburg, Fieldhill Publishing House Ltd., 1959. 143 p.
An annual publication containing articles on aspects of South African
Jewish life and a directory to communal organizations.
t e v e n s
, G
e n r y
. “ G
tell my brethren” : a short popular history
of the Church Missions to Jews (1809-1959). London, Olive Press,
1959. 114 p.