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have had in our community. Your recognition of our achieve-
ment adds to this pride, but more importantly, it inspires us
with the desire to continue and improve the broad cultural
program which our new main building has made possible.”
Isaac Siegel M emorial Juvenile Award
The Isaac Siegel Memorial Juvenile Award consisting of
$250 and a citation was awarded to Sylvia Rothschild for her
Keys to a Magic Door: Isaac Le ib Peretz
(Philadelphia and
New York, Jewish Publication Society of America and Farrar,
Straus and Cudahy). The judges were: Dr. Abraham P. Gannes,
New York, Miss Fanny Goldstein, Boston; and Dr. Gilbert
Klaperman, New York.
Harry and Ethel Daroff M emorial Fiction Award
The Harry and Ethel Daroff Memorial Fiction Award, also
consisting of $250 and a citation, was given to Philip Roth for
Goodbye Columbus.
The judges were: David Boroff, New
York; Dr. Mortimer J. Cohen, Philadelphia; Dr. Judd L. Teller,
New York, and Dr. Trude Weiss-Rosmarin, New York.
Harry and Florence Kovner M emorial Poetry Award
The Harry and Florence Kovner Memorial Poetry Awards,
each valued at $100 plus a citation, were presented to authors
of published volumes of Jewish poetry in English, Hebrew and
Yiddish: Dr. Eisig Silberschlag for his volume of Hebrew poetry,
Kimron Yamai
(Arch of My Days); Ephraim Auerbach, for his
Yiddish work,
Gi ldene Shekiah
(Golden Sunset); and Amy K.
Blank for her book of English poetry,
The Spoken Choice.
Judges for the awards were Dr. Milton Arfa, New York; Dr.
Hillel Bavli, New York; Dr. Jacob Kabakoff, Cleveland; Hayyim
Bass, New York; Yudel Mark, New York; Moshe Starkman, New
York; Dr. Mortimer J. Cohen, Philadelphia; Leo W. Schwarz,
New York; and Dr. A. Alan Steinbach, New York.
Miscellaneous Services
With the growing recognition of the Jewish Book Council
of America as a source of authoritative information on many
aspects of Jewish books, the Council is operating what is in
effect an information service. Calls for information are received
in an increasing volume from authors, publishers, public li-
braries, the general press and from non-sectarian organizations.