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In addition, guidance is given to individuals and to all types ot
Jewish organizations in the selection of books, in the develop-
ment of libraries, compilation of specialized booklists, and in a
wide variety of other categories of services.
Annual Meeting
The Annual Meeting of the Council was held on May 11,
1960 at the Community Center, New York City. Solomon Ker-
stein, chairman of the annual meeting committee, introduced
the president of the Council, Dr. A. Alan Steinbach, who
presided. Sanford Solender presented greetings on behalf of
the National Jewish Welfare Board.
The annual literary awards were presented by Samuel H.
Daroff, Bernard Kovner and Mrs. Annie N. Siegel. Dr. I. Edward
Kiev presented the library citations.
Marvin Lowenthal delivered the main address, “On Jewish
Community Libraries,” which is published in this volume of
The report of the nominations committee was presented by
its chairman, Dr. Solomon Grayzel, and was duly accepted.
Dr. Alexander Alan Steinbach was reelected president of the
Council. Dr. Gilbert Klaperman, rabbi of Temple Beth Sholom,
Lawrence, N. Y., was elected to his first term as vice-president.
Other officers, all reelected, are: vice-presidents—Dr. Maurice
Jacobs, Philadelphia, and Harry Schneiderman and Harry
Starr, both of New York; secretary—Dr. I. Edward Kiev, New
York, and treasurer—Hayyim Bass, New York.
Newly-elected as members of the executive board of the
Council were: Dr. Oskar K. Rabinowicz, Scarsdale, N. Y.;
Yehuda Rosenman, Baltimore; Earl Morse, New York and
Leon Rubinstein, New York.
National Jewish Welfare Board
Following a decision of the Executive Board of the Council
to express its appreciation to the National Jewish Welfare
Board, Dr. Steinbach wrote to Solomon Litt, JWB president, as
“As we stand on the threshold of another
Jewish Book Mon th ,
which begins this year on November 20, we are not unmindful
of the great debt we owe our parent body, the National Jewish
Welfare Board, for making possible the activities of the Jewish
Book Council of America.