Page 250 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 18

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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
2 3 8
“Not only Jewish Book Month, but the publication of the
Jewish Book Annua l
and the Jewish cultural contacts our Coun-
cil maintains with hundreds of communities here and abroad—
these, too, have been realized through the cooperation and the
encouragement of the JWB.
“Our officers, Executive Board and the members of our
National Committee are all grateful, and we shall appreciate
your communicating this sentiment to your JWB colleagues.”
In response to the above communication, Mr. Litt wrote:
“On behalf of myself, as well as my colleagues in JWB, I
wish to express sincere appreciation for your kind comment
with respect to the valuable contributions the National Jewish
Welfare Board has made to the successful and effective activities
of the Jewish Book Council of America. We are indeed happy
that our services and resources have been helpful to you and
to the Council, and assure you that we look forward with
pleasurable anticipation to our continued relationship with the
Jewish Book Council of America.”