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While in Canada, Rabbi Zlotnik began his studies in Hebrew
lexicography with
Breshit Bi-Melizah Ha-Ibrit
(Jerusalem, 1933)
Midrash Ha-Melizah Ha-Ibrit
(Jerusalem, 1938). Uriah
Katzenelenbogen translated the Latvian and Lithuanian
into Yiddish (Toronto, 1930); later he issued them in English
(Chicago, 1935). H. M. Caiserman wrote
Yiddishe Dichter in
(1934), and an English translation of S. Ansky’s
was prepared by S. M. Van Engel (Winnipeg, 1953).
A collection of essays by S. M. Selchen,
Agav Urcha,
in Winnipeg (1948), and E. Hanson wrote a collection of
western Canadian stories in Yiddish under the title
Trader Ed
(Winnipeg, 1957).
With the coming of World War II, Yiddish literature in
Canada was revitalized. A large number of talented artists found
a haven and a congenial environment in Montreal, and the
library of Canadian Judaica assumed even greater importance.
This is reflected in the regularity with which the Lamed Prize
for literature came to Montreal to honor J. I. Segal, Rachel
Corn, Yechiel Shtern, Dr. S. Petrushka and A. M. Klein.
Melech Ravitch has made Montreal his home since 1939. Here
he has written his
Einems Yiddishe Machshoves in Tzvantziksten
(Buenos Aires, 1949),
Die Lieder fun Meine Lieder
67 Lyrishe, Satirishe, Natzionale, Soziale, and Philo-
sophishe Lieder
(Buenos Aires, 1946), volumes 2-3 of his
(1947, 1953),
Die Kroinung fun a Yungn Yiddishn
Dichter in America
(New York, 1953), and his edition of his
mother’s, Hinde Bergner’s,
In die Lange Vinternecht
His son, Yosl Bergner, issued in Montreal the album of fifty-
nine illustrations to Peretz’
Folkstimliche Geschichten
Since settling in Montreal the distinguished Galician poet,
Rachel Corn, published
Heim un Heim
(Buenos Aires, 1948), and
Nine Erzeilungen
The Polish writer, Chavah Rosenfarb, wrote
Die Ballade fun
Nechtikn Vald
(London, 1947; Montreal, 1948),
Ghetto un
Andere Lieder
(1948), and
Der Foigl fun Ghetto
(1958). Peretz
Miransky of the Young Vilno group published his
A Licht far
a Groshn
in Montreal (1951), and Joseph Rogel his
(1951). Simchah Simchovitch wrote
Azoi is a Yugnt Fargangen
(1950) and
In Shoh fun Tfilah
(1958); I. Goldcorn his
In Toronto Abraham Nisnevitch published
In Loif fun die
(1942), and friends of the martyred artist issued the
Nathan Kozhen Memorial Volume.
In Winnipeg Falk Zolf wrote
Oif Fremder Erd
Unzer Culture Hemshech
(1956), and
Die Letzte fun a Dor
(1952). Shaindel Frantzuski—Garfinkle
wrote two novels in Montreal,
Erev October
(1947) and
(1942). We might mention the native Montreal Yiddish poet
Aaron Kryshtalko, whose
Gut Morgn Dir Veit
appeared in 1953.