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This voluminous spate of works by worth-while writers estab-
lished Canada as a minor center of Yiddish literature.
Hebrew Writing of Significance
In Hebrew literature the volume is not so considerable, but
several names merit mention. In Vancouver Mordecai Jaffe pre-
pared his Yiddish anthology of Hebrew poetry (Vilno, 1935),
and in Winnipeg Shazar published in two editions his transla-
tion of Rachel’s poems (1932). Isaiah Rabinovitch of Toronto
has an established reputation as a Hebrew literary critic in the
grand tradition, based in part on his
Yezer ve-Yezirah
lem, 1951),
Ner Dolek
(Tel Aviv, 1954), and
Ha-Sifrut be-
Mishbar ha-Dor
(New York, 1947). More recently Chaim Brand-
wein won the Lamed Prize for
Be-Hazrot Yerushalayim
salem, 1958).
Hebrew religious literature in Canada is particularly im-
pressive, dating back to Rabbi de Sola and Rabbi Lyons’
Calendar for Fifty Years
issued in Montreal. I t includes Rabbi
de Sola’s edition of
The Form of Prayers
in five volumes issued
in Philadelphia in 1898 and in 1925; the
Babylonian Talmud
published in Montreal in eighteen volumes (1919); the five
volume edition of the
Jerusalem Talmud
(1949); the translation
of the
into Hebrew by Rabbi Judah Rosenberg in seven
volumes (Montreal-Belgorai, 1929; New York, 1955); S. Dunsky’s
translation of
Midrash Eikah
into Yiddish (1958); and S. Pet-
rushka’s edition, translation and comment upon the
in six volumes (Montreal, 1945-49; New York, 1950; New York,
1955). Such a profusion of scholarship and initiative has been
infrequent in the history of Jewish printing in so small and
peripheral a community. To this productiveness should be
added translations into Yiddish of the
Song of Songs
by H.
Hirsh and by Rabbi J. L. Zlotnik; two volumes of an edition
of the
Shulhan Aruk
translated into English, edited and com-
mented upon by Rabbi C. Denburg; a volume of Maimonides’
Mishneh Torah
in English with comments by Rabbi J. Glazer;
other works of Maimonides translated into Yiddish by Rabbi
Judah Rosenberg; a volume of Maimonides in the Yale Judaica
series edited by Rabbi Mendell Lewites; and the
Sefer ha-Ha-
issued by Rabbi A. Price.
These fundamental religious classics are naturally accompanied
by a veritable library of commentary, responsa and sermonic
material in Hebrew, English and Yiddish, dating back to the
beginning of the century. We might mention Rabbi A. Baron’s
Birkat Reuben;
Rabbi A. Bloch’s
Sheurei Rabbenu Hagrai mi-
Raphael Epstein’s
Likutei Shoshanim
Sefer Higayon
Rabbi G. Felder’s
Yessodei Yeshurun;
and Rabbi J. Graubart’s
Havolim Binimim.
Also Rabbi