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saw how ill he looked. He was eating in a strange way, almost
covering his food with salt and pepper before even tasting it.
But when I began to urge him to be less self-destructive and to
pu t some kind of order into his life, he became as angry as I
had ever seen him.”
Several books will be mentioned only briefly because their ap-
peal is limited to specialists. They are:
The Art of the Artist, Theories and Techniques of Art by the
compiled by Arthur Zaidenberg (New York, 1951), which
contains statements by the compiler, and by Sigmund Menkes,
Sidney Laufman, Nahum Tschacbasov, Howard Mandel, William
Pachner, Joseph Presser, Margaret Lowengrund, and Nathaniel
Kaz, among others.
The Art of the Medal
(New York, 1910), by Victor David
Modern Russian Art
(New York, 1925), by Louis Lozowick,
who also compiled
One Hundred American Jewish Artists
York, 1947), with brief statements by each of the artists included.
Mural Painting
(London, 1946), by Hans Feibusch, which ex-
plains the technique and offers samples of murals from ancient
Herculaneum to work executed in England by the author.
Is That Me? A Book about Caricature
(New York, 1947), by
William Auerbach-Levy, a history of caricature, with many draw-
ings by the author.
Zorach Explains Sculpture, What it Means and How i t is
(New York, 1947), which deals with various technical prob-
lems (reproductions of works by Chana Orloff, Minna Harkavy,
Ossip Zadkine and others are included).
Sculpture, Principles and Practice
(New York, 1949), by Louis
How to be an Artist
(New York, 1952) by Simon Lissim (a
book of practical advice).
A book written by an artist in which, however, art is not
mentioned, is
Incidents of Travel and Adventure in The Far
by Solomon N. Carvalho (1815-1894). It describes the
lengthy and often dangerous expedition of Colonel Fremont
across the Rocky Mountains to the West Coast, made in 1854.
Carvalho’s report was first published in 1857, and reissued by
the Jewish Publication Society of America in 1955. Unfortunately,
Carvalho’s drawings and daguerre plates were lost, and we can
learn of the beauty of landscapes completely untouched by
civilization, only from the artist’s exuberant word-portraits of
panoramas of “unspeakable sublimity.”
To Palestine as it existed a decade before the creation of the
Jewish State, we are taken by
Art in Palestine,
by Elias Newman
(b. 1905). It served originally as a catalogue to the exhibition
of Palestinian art at the New York World’s Fair of 1939. After