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nn iversar ies
March: 15, Reuben Brainin, Solomon Dingol; 16, Joseph Ritter
von Wertheimer; 21, Jacob De Haas; 23, Eliezer Landshuth.
April: 4, David Fraenkel; 5,
Jewish Exponent
; 6, Leibush Lehrer;
14, Elijah Spira; 18, Ignatz Reich.
Rome and Jerusalem;
16, Samuel Baeck; 31, Solomon
June: 19, Leon Rosenthal; 20, Leo Jung.
August: Aaron Reubeni; 1, Isaac Margolis; 8, Solomon B. Free-
hof, David Philipson; 15, Simon Gerson Bernstein, Moses
ben Simon Frankfurter, Meir Aaron Goldschmidt; 31, Con­
stantin Brunner.
September: 8, Benno Jacob; 17, Borys Kletzkin, David Werbelow-
sky; 20, Joseph Leftwich; 24, Moses Sofer; 29, Constantin
October: 4, Moses Bensabat Amzalak; 18, Lazarus Bendavid;
20, Henry Pereira Mendes; 23, Ephraim Auerbach.
November: 10, Arnold Zweig; 17, Gotthold Salomon; 19, Emma
December: 9, Simon ben Israel Frankfurter; 11, Harry Rogoff;
13, Hartog Beem; 23, Jakob Freimann; 27, Berthold Feiwel,
David Heinrich von Mueller, Shneor Zalman ben Baruch of
Ladi; 28, Morris Rosenfeld; 29, Samuel Israel Mulder; 31,
Max Freudenthal.
Alphabetical List
L i e b m a n n A d l e r .
150th anniversary of birth. Born in Lengsfeld,
Germany, January 9, 1812, died in Chicago, 1892. Belonging to
the first generation of modern trained rabbis, he had a distin­
guished career as rabbi in Detroit and Chicago, adhering to a
moderate Reform position. Several volumes of his sermons were
published in German and in English.
M o s e s B e n s a b a t A m z a l a k .
70th birthday. Born in Lisbon,
October 4, 1892, he is the outstanding Jewish lay leader in
Portugal. An eminent Portuguese economist, he also has written
about Portuguese Jewish history and translated selections of the
Hebrew prayer book into Portuguese.
B e r t h o l d A u e r b a c h .
150th anniversary of birth. Born in
Nordstetten, Germany, February 28, 1812, died in Cannes, France,
1882. One of the best-known German Jewish writers of the 19th
century, his Jewish works include a novel about Spinoza and
one using the period of Moses Mendelssohn as a background,
in addition to various Jewish biographical sketches and pamphlets
against anti-Semitism.
E p h r a im A u e r b a c h .
70th birthday. Born in Beltzy, Bessarabia,
Russia, October 23, 1892. Now living in New York, he is well-
known as a Yiddish journalist and poet.