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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
S a m u e l B a e c k .
50th anniversary of death. Born in Kronau,
Moravia, Austria-Hungary, now Czechoslovakia, 1834, died in
Lissa, Posen, Germany, May 16, 1912. Rabbi of Lissa, his most
important literary contribution was a one-volume history of the
Jews, which went through several editions and which formed
the basis for one of the first history books written in Russian by
Simon Dubnov.
H a r t o g B e e m .
70th birthday. Born in Harderwijk, Holland,
December 13, 1892. A teacher and leader in the Dutch Jewish
community, he has published a book of Dutch-Jewish proverbs.
L a z a r u s B e n d a v id .
200th anniversary of birth. Born in Berlin,
October 18, 1762, died there 1832. Principal of the first modern
Jewish school in Berlin, he was a Kantian in his philosophical
writings and an advocate of Reform and Biblical criticism in his
works devoted to Judaism.
S im on G e r s o n B e r n s t e i n .
80th birthday. Born in Jekabpils,
Russia, August 15, 1882. In the United States since 1921, he has
been a Zionist functionary for most of his life, editing the Yiddish
magazine of the Zionist Organization of America. He has also
written numerous studies in medieval Hebrew literature mostly
written in Hebrew.
P h i l i p
B o o k s t a b e r .
70th birthday. Born in New York,
February 12, 1892. A Reform rabbi in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania,
for many years and also very active in the boy scout movement,
he is the author of
Postulates of Perfectability, Judaism and the
American Mind
The Idea of Development of the Soul in
Medieval Jewish Philosophy.
R e u b e n B r a i n i n .
100th anniversary of birth. Born in Liady,
Russia, March 15, 1862, died in New York, November 30, 1939.
A prolific Hebrew and Yiddish writer, he at various times edited
such important periodicals as the Hebrew
and the
Canadian Eagle.
His major importance lies in his
criticism of modern Hebrew literature, calling for higher esthetic
C o n s t a n t i n B r u n n e r .
100th anniversary of birth and 25th
anniversary of death. Born in Altona, Germany, September 29,
1862, died in The Hague, August 31, 1937. In his philosophy he
was a disciple of Spinoza, opposing religious dogmatism and
naitonalism including Zionism. He sees the ideas of Judaism
realized to their fullest extent in the person of Jesus. These views
he advocated in his numerous German writings.
S a m u e l C a h e n .
100th anniversary of death. Born in Metz,
France, 1796, died in Paris, January 8, 1862. A French Jewish
educator, he founded the scholarly review
Archives Israelites
1840 and edited it until his death. He also made the first French
Bible translation, prepared by a Jewish scholar.