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G e o r g C a r o .
50th anniversary of death. Born in Glogau, Ger­
many, 1867, died in Zurich, Switzerland, February 16, 1912. A
historian of medieval economic life, he also wrote a very im­
portant but incomplete study of the economic history of the
Jews in the Middle Ages, which was translated from its German
original into Hebrew.
A b r a h a m C r o n b a c h .
80th birthday. Born in Indianapolis,
February 16, 1882. Professor of Jewish social studies at the Hebrew
Union College in Cincinnati, he expressed his views on pacifism
and social betterment in
The Jewish Peace Book
Quest for Peace
Religion and Its Social Setting
The Bible and Our Social Outlook.
He also published several
studies on the social views expressed in traditional Jewish litera­
ture in the
Hebrew Union College Annual
which he served as
managing editor for several years.
J a c o b D e H a a s .
25th anniversary of death. Born in London,
England, 1872, died in New York, March 21, 1937. A Zionist
journalist who served his favorite cause from the inception of
the movement, he transferred his activities from England to the
United States at Herzl’s request. In addition to various Zionist
writings including a biography of Herzl, he wrote the
pedia of Jewish Knowledge
in 1934, which was a valuable one-
volume reference work.
S o l o m o n D i n g o l .
75th birthday. Born in Rogachev, Russia,
March 15, 1887. A Yiddish journalist of note, he was an editor
The Jewish Day
for many years and also wrote several Yiddish
novels and dramas.
B e r t h o l d F e iw e l .
25th anniversary of death. Born in Pohrlitz,
Moravia, Austria-Hungary, now Czechoslovakia, 1875, died in
Jerusalem, December 27, 1937. An active Zionist and early co­
worker of Theodor Herzl, he was editor of
Die Welt
, the Zionist
paper, co-founder of the Judische Verlag in Berlin, an outstand­
ing Jewish publishing house, and translator of Yiddish poetry
into German. A selection of his writings was recently published
in Hebrew in Israel.
D a v id F r a e n k e l .
200th anniversary of death. Born in Berlin,
1707, died there April 4, 1762. Chief rabbi of Berlin, he furthered
the study of the Talmud Yerushalmi in his commentaries. One
of his sermons after the Prussian victory over Austria in 1757
was published in English translation in England and America
in several editions. Fraenkel was the teacher of Moses Mendels­
sohn, the first modern Jewish thinker.
M o s e s b en S im on F r a n k f u r t e r .
200th anniversary of death.
Born in Amsterdam, 1672, died August 15, 1762. His major con­
tribution was a Yiddish translation of the
Menorat ha-Maor,
famous ethical work by Isaac Aboab.
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