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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
S im o n b en I s r a e l F r a n k f u r t e r .
250th anniversary of death.
Born in Schwerin, Germany, died in Amsterdam, December 9,
1712. He wrote the
Sefer ha-Hayyim,
a book of customs and
devotional readings for mourners. It was reprinted many times
and also translated into English (
Book of Life)
and into German.
S o l o m o n
F r e e h o f .
70th birthday. Born in London, England,
August 8, 1892. A prominent Reform rabbi in Pittsburgh, he has
published numerous volumes of sermons, popular and scholarly
studies in Jewish liturgy, the responsa literature, and commen­
taries to the Psalms and to Job.
J a k o b F r e im a n n .
25th anniversary of death. Born in Cracow,
Poland, 1866, died in Spindelmiihle, Germany, December 23,
1937. Orthodox rabbi in Posen and Berlin, he edited numerous
medieval rabbinic texts, including the
Siddur Rashi,
and wrote
histories of several smaller Jewish communities in Germany.
M a x F r e u d e n t h a l .
25th anniversary of death. Born in Neu-
haus, Germany, 1868, died in Munich, December 31, 1937. Rabbi
in Nuremberg, he wrote several monographs on German Jewish
history including a history of his own community, and genealog­
ical studies.
M e i r A a r o n G o l d s c h m i d t .
75th anniversary of death. Born in
Vordingborg, Denmark, 1819, died in Copenhagen, August 15,
liberal Danish writer and novelist who was highly es­
teemed. Some of his works deal with Jewish subjects in a humor­
ous vein.
M o s e s H e s s .
150th anniversary of birth, and 100th anniversary
of his major work
Rome and Jerusalem.
Born in Bonn, Germany,
January 21, 1812, died in Paris, 1875. One of the early Socialists,
he also was a forerunner of Herzl. In
Rome and Jerusalem,
lished originally in German (May 1862), he suggested the
resettlement of the Jews in Palestine to effectuate the free
development of their capacities.
B e n n o J a c o b .
100th anniversary of birth. Born in Breslau, Ger­
many, September 8, 1862, died in London, 1945. Rabbi in Dort­
mund, Germany, he wrote several works on the Bible, including
a commentary to Genesis, in which he attacked the Biblical
criticism of the modern scholars.
Jewish Exponent.
75th anniversary. Founded in Philadelphia
April 5, 1887, this is one of the many Anglo-Jewish weeklies
serving local communities. By transmitting local, national and
world-wide Jewish news, these periodicals represent for many
people their only source of Jewish information.
Judische Zeitschrift fur Wissenschaft und Leben.
100th anni­
versary. Founded by Abraham Geiger in Breslau, Germany, Janu­
ary 7, 1862, it offered in the main the scientific and religious